Blog Tour, Rachel's Review: Owned (Domination 2) by Leigh Stone

Title: Owned (Domination #2)
Author: Leigh Stone 
Genre: Erotica / BDSM 

The second in the Domination series. Six sexy little tales of female submission. 

I’ve known Owen for about five years now. I met him in a bar when I went to play some pool at the local university’s bar with a few of the students I worked with. Owen was in his twenties, from Wales, a student in the same university. I was in my early thirties. We flirted, we teased each other, we even had a bit of a very short period of dating, but in the end we became best friends. I never would have dreamed that it would turn out to be a lot more than that. My hot Welsh friend had a secret that I didn’t find out for a few years. He’s a dominant, a Dom, a Master, a Sir. 

At first I thought nothing of it, I knew that I wasn’t ‘like that’, but the more Owen gave me glimpses into his world the more and more intrigued I became. He led me down the path to submission, like the white rabbit leading Alice into Wonderland. Now I am hooked, I am addicted to the pleasure that only he can generate in me. I am his. I am OWNED.

Rachel's Review~
Uh yeah. So, I'm trying to figure out how to word this...
here goes...  One Half Hour, drenched panties, have your significant other or BOB handy!
This is just 6 chapters of D/s goodness.
We've got chapters on pet play, ménage, fantasy rape...
Owen is teaching Emma, at least I think that's her name, as she's usually referred to as slut, whore, or girl,  the ways of BDSM. She's taken to it rather well.
Each chapter portrays a different scene..and each one is smoking hot, erotic, or just fan-fucking-tastically porn for the mind!
I didn't lie when I said half an hour...just don't make the same mistake I did.  I read it while waiting for my son at baseball practice.  Yeah, not smart. Wet panties, squirming in my seat, blushing...yep, signs were all there..I'm sure people were wondering just what I was reading!


I'm Leigh Stone, I live in Northern Ireland, just outside the capital city of Belfast, in a house I share with my teenage daughter, and our personal zoo (1 Labrador mix, 3 cats, and 2 rabbits!).

I'm first and foremost a reader, and a fast reader at that, often devouring books in a single sitting over a period of hours. I have always had aspirations to write and become a published author, but as a teenager I was encouraged to look for a different profession, as being an author "wouldn't pay the bills."

It was that reading that lead a friend of mine to suggest that I had read so many of those books that I could probably write my own! It seemed like a good idea, and I thought that I would give it a try :) a few months later Lex's Melody was well underway, and the rest as they say is history!

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