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 N.M Catalano
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Brian is still trying to catch-up to her from the moment she slapped him. By the time he realizes she’s got her hand on his crotch, his balls are being sucked up from the vibrations shooting through them from her nails scraping against his dick.
Brooke has her hand down the front of his pants, wrapping it around his engorged erection, squeezing it.
A low animalistic growl erupts from deep within Brian. Brooke’s dragging his beast out, and he’s fucking starving.
Brian grabs Brooke by her arms and turns them both, pushing her back against the door with a loud thud. He yanks the low neck-line of her shirt down, and bites her breast.
“GOD!” she moans loudly, never letting go of his shaft. Yanking his head back by the grip she has on it, she brings her mouth down on his left pec and takes hold of it with her teeth. Her tongue flicks out over the nipple clenched in her mouth, teasing it, adding to the overload of sensations Brian’s being bombarded with.
“Fuck, woman,” Brian grits out, and pushes her legs apart with his foot.
He shoves her panties to the side with one hand, then plunges a finger inside her dripping wet hole, as the heel of his palm grinds onto her swollen clit. His other hand has her pinned firmly against the door, holding her in place.
Brooke’s hand begins pumping Brian’s throbbing cock.
That’s it. He’s going to spurt his cum all over her. Right here in the ladies bathroom.
Brian holds on to the last vestiges of control he can find. It’s the last thread that’s almost blurred completely out by his screaming need to bury himself so far inside Brooke, he can’t think straight.
I am NOT going to fuck her in a public bathroom!! he repeats over and over again to himself.
Why the fuck not, she wants you to, she’s got your dick in a vice grip in her hand! comes the voice from the man who wants to fuck her right here, right now, Brian’s alter ego.
Shut the fuck up! he shouts silently back at his other self.
Their body’s pound an angry beat against the wooden door, both of them wild, almost lost in their primal hunger.
Brooke’s pussy begins to grip Brian’s finger as the tidal wave of her orgasm begins to drown her. Her scream echoes off the walls. Brian’s cock begins to jump and spasm in her hand, his own need to cum almost bringing him to his knees. He grinds his hand and plunges two fingers inside of her, fucking her with his hand, and slamming her against the door, as his mouth is feasting on the nipple sucked into his mouth, until he wrings every last drop of ecstasy from her. Lifting his mouth to hers, he kisses her with the force of his hunger for her, before he lets her go.
Finally, he removes her hand from his achingly desperate shaft as he holds back a moan.
“If you need to use the restroom, now would be a good time,” he says, his voice a cool steely even tone. His balls ache with the need to fuck her.
“Yes, excuse me,” Brooke says, still panting from the explosive ride of ecstasy he just took her on.
She straightens her clothes and enters a stall.
“You can go now,” comes her voice from behind the metal partial door.
“I don’t think so,” Brian answers.
His mind is in a whirlwind of chaos, going over everything that has just happened in the last thirty minutes. There is no way in hell he’s going to be able to figure this out, he might as well just keep rolling with it.

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