Blog Tour, Rachel's Review: The Scandalous Senator by Ashley Beckem

Scandalous Senator
by Ashley Beckem
Genre: Erotica

“Scandalous Senator” Alexander is a Senator in Washington, D.C. and his main focus is on his rise to the top. 

He takes no prisoners, especially his relationship and marriage to his wife Brooke. Little does he know that Brooke is willing to do anything to make him President of the United States of America (POTUS) and most importantly First Lady. 

Seduction is part of the game and no one is off limits especially if it will enhance their chances for this aggressive power couple. 

Come along for this journey. 

***Warning!! Cheating, backstabbing, power, you name it we have it all and of course a cliff hanger as this is a multi-part series. 

Rachel's Review~
The sex is great.  The idea of a secret room, complete with recording equipment from outside cameras and bondage basics...makes me want o find a house just like that!  Along with a man like Xaner of course, that will enjoy it with me.
This was my first book by Ashley Beckem so I didn't quite know what to expect.
The storyline was right there, unfortunately for me I couldn't connect with it.  It's j ust not the writing style I prefer.  
As I was reading, instead of letting the story move through me, it was more like reading transcripts of conversations, sometimes even having to read it through a couple of times to even figure out for sure who was doing the speaking.  It's all about becoming President and the First Lady...seemingly to the detriment of everything else around them.  While I don't need my books wholly realistic there has to be some semblence of normalcy to connect with.  I just can't see me telling my husband to sleep with your manager since it will further your career..and I'll sleep with someone to get them to donate money...and you sleep with...and I'll sleep with..but don't worry we'll still love and respect each other when we're done.
Even though I had a hard time finishing...I'll have to grab the next book because there's a cliffhanger and I can't NOT read it...what if I were to miss something important...or something that changes my mind about the story..So,
I'll go with 3.5 stars because I have to read the next one.
While this wasn't really my cup of tea..I have seriously high standards since my time is important..So if you're looking for something to read, and you like politicians and hot sex...PLEASE, grab this one and give it a whirl.
Just make sure you can handle cheating and voyeurism. (and really, if you're reading in this genre I'm pretty sure neither is a problem) LOL.

Ashley Beckem grew up in the fridgid northern part of Chicago. At the tender age of eighteen moved to South West Florida for college. Presently chasing after an elusive MBA. Current hobbies include spending reckless amount of time on the beach, boating with friends, and loves being active (biking, golf, running, or tennis). Never far from the trusted Galaxy to keep in touch.

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