Cover Reveal: Brawl by Kylie Hillman

Title: Brawl
Author: Kylie Hillman
Genre: MMA Standalone
Release Date: May 12, 2016 Cover Models: Nathan Hainline & Cassady Rose Photography by: Nathan Hainline
Gabriella Mitchell is a fighter. 
She fights to keep her family together after her parent's divorce.
She fights to keep her siblings safe and in school. 
She fights because it's the only thing keeping her sane.
Stumbling across an underground MMA fight ring in Sydney, her blood roars as she watches the ruthless Hayden "Hooligan" Harvie wipe the floor of the octagon with his latest opponent. 
Gabriella decides she wants to fight professionally; to support her siblings with her fists...and she wants Hooligan to teach her. 
Hooligan doesn't think girls should fight. Especially young, pretty ones he'd love to have warming his bed for a night or two...if only he could silence his conscience long enough. 
Every couple needs to fight for their love at some stage, however with two stubborn hearts at stake, a happy ending for these two will require an all-out BRAWL.

Hatred. It's the strongest of emotions—stronger than even love in my opinion. To have hatred for someone means that you once must have loved them. To now hate them, well, that means that they've hurt you to an extent that forgiveness is impossible...and we all know that being hurt by someone you love is the biggest betrayal of them all. I'm filled with hatred. It pulses through me; visceral and visible for everyone to see. It's branded on my soul, polluting any happiness that might sneak up on me, forcing me to shut out anyone who dares to pry back my protective armor. > He's as fucked-up as I am. Angry at the world, a snarling, savage beast, who wreaks destruction with his fists and annihilates with his nasty tongue. I should run a mile like the rest of them, yet I can't. What's left of his humanity calls to mine, desperately seeking someone who understands; someone who can withstand the carnage he creates. > He says he doesn't want me. Then why can't he keep his hands off me? I refuse to let anyone get close to me ever again. So why can't I make myself walk away?
Kylie Hillman is an Australian author.
Wife to a Harley-riding, boating and fishing, four-wheel driving quintessential Aussie bloke.

Mum to two crazy, adorable, and original kids.

Crohn's Disease sufferer and awareness campaigner.

She’s also an avid tea drinker, a connoisseur of 80s/90s rock music, and is known for lacing everything she says with sarcasm and inappropriate innuendo.

Formerly working in finance, she was forced to reevaluate her plans for her life when severe Crohn's Disease brought her corporate career to a screeching halt. Restarting her childhood hobbies of writing and reading to alleviate the monotony of being sick and housebound, she found her calling, and is enjoying life to the max. A typical day is spent in the "real" world where she hangs out with her awesome family and "book" world where she gets to chill with her fictional characters.

Kylie writes the books she wants to read. A lover of strong men who aren't perfect and aren't afraid to admit it, straight talking women who embrace their vulnerabilities, and real life gritty stories, she hopes these themes shine through her writing. An avid reader of all genres, Kylie hopes to release books that keep the reader on the edge of their seat—be it with suspense, romance, or laughter.

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