Cover Reveal: Fighting the Dark by Kassidy Carter

Title: Fighting the Dark
Author: Kassidy Carter
Genre: Romance
Release Date: TBD
Man kidnaps the girl. Gives the girl to his evil brother, then Kidnaps her again. That is how it happened. Rylee was supposed to be an easy job. Follow her for a year. Gather as much information as I can and then kidnap her. She is a payment for her father’s wrong doings. My brothers soon to be wife. I was never supposed to fall in love with her. 
I want to tell you that this story is a happy one, but I am not sure this story can have the ending you are hoping for. My family is evil, and I will protect Rylee with my life. 
Mason is not the person I should want to be with. He kidnapped me and willingly gave me to an evil man. Then he took me again. This is a game I don’t want to be a part of, but I am. My life is in danger and so is my heart.
Kassidy Carter lives in Florida with her Husband and two daughters. You can normally find a book in her hands or doing activities with her daughters. She has a passion for reading and will read just about anything. Her favorite kind of stories to read are one's with happy endings. She has always wanted to write, but the fear of getting started and not being good enough has stopped her...until now. You can contact Kassidy on Facebook and other social Media sites.


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