New Cover Reveal: Trying to Forget you by Penny Harmon

Trying To Forget You 
by Penny Harmon

It all started with a little fib! Dani is a strong woman with few issues from being left with her grandmother to raise at twelve years old. She worked hard to build her life in Cliff Harbor, Maine and still lives with her grandmother. Ethan is military. He's strong. He's fit. He's ready to start a new life. When the two grandmothers find out Ethan is retiring from the Army and coming back to Cliff Harbor, the two form a scheme to get Dani and Ethan together. A small fib gives Dani and Ethan the chance to hang out and form a friendship, but too soon, things fall apart as Ethan goes through a life-changing experience and hurts Dani. Will the two grandmother's scheme to get their two grandchildren together backfire? Will Dani and Ethan get over their own stubborn selves and finally give in? 

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