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Title: Drawn to You
Author: Lily Summers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 12, 2016


After an earth-shattering tragedy, I left everything behind. School, family, friends -- what does any of it matter now?

No one knows my story. No one knows what happened. I'm barely holding on.

Then Ezra finds me. A tagger with a raw talent, he fills the city with his art, splashing color across Portland's grey skies. A ghostly woman in the depths of the ocean, a boy preyed upon by shadows -- everything he creates touches my soul. Authentic and raw, his work grounds me. Magnetic and brave, he heals me.

Ezra is everything I need; he's everything I don't deserve.

But Ezra won't let me fade away.

Drawn To You is a heart-wrenching debut about love, art, and a passion that brings color to the darkness. It's about the lengths we go to remember and the love we can never forget.

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Drawn to You by Lily Summers is a story about forgiveness, not only other but truly forgiving yourself. This book is filled with such emotion that it will take you on the roller coaster ride right along with Mia and Ezra, making you feel like you truly are a part of their journey.

Mia has escaped her life to live in Portland, but she isn't really living, she is surviving the day. Consumed by loss and guilt she doesn't believe she deserves happiness and she doesn't let anyone get close, not anymore. One day when Mia leaves work she sees a street tagger painting the side of her building and she is drawn to the emotion of his painting. She never expects that she will see him again the next day or that he will become an important part of her healing process.

Ezra is a street tagger who doesn't believe his art is anything more than a party novelty. When Mia tells him of the motion laying beneath the surface of his paintings he almost doesn't believe her. And as she wonders about the pain which his muse comes from, he is almost as closed off as she is in telling her about his past.

It is only when Ezra betrays Mia in a way that she could have never imagined that they both truly open up to each other so that they can finally begin to heal.

3.5 stars

Author Bio

Lily Summers is a lover of avocados, man-buns, and all things angst. She made her book-nerd debut by winning her local bookstore's Harry Potter costume contest and has been lost in the shelves ever since. When she's not writing, she can be found pretending like she knows how to run, befriending strangers' dogs, or enjoying a cold beer in the sunshine. Lily lives in Los Angeles but is considering moving to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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