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“Dark, gritty and utterly captivating. I couldn’t put this book down!” - USA Today Bestselling Author, Natasha Knight
Sixty-four days in captivity. Sixty-four days to lose yourself—or find yourself. I’m Ava Donovan. I was abducted at the age of nineteen. I’m told I’m a survivor, but the truth is, I only survived because he saved me. Even when he kept me locked in that room—he saved me. Constantly wondering when and how you will die, that does something to you. To your mind. But what do you do when it does something to your heart? What do you do when the man holding you captive seems just as broken as you are, when his mere presence becomes a comfort you crave—when you love him even though you shouldn’t? You smile and tell yourself it’s okay because love has no morals. Sixty-four days in captivity gave me a love most people will never have and my freedom took it all away.


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Do you believe in FATE?
Two broken people together--they will either end in something so unreal and raw that all those fractured pieces of the two of us will fuse together or we will only break each other further until nothing is left.
Max is a bad man...ever since he was forced into a life altering circumstance at the age of 16 he's traveled down a long and winding road..oh wait, that's a Beatles song..I mean he's traveled down a dangerous path fraught with death, drugs, and mayhem.  His sister Lila, her life has been even worse. She's a crack head, drug dealer, prostitute and missing.  As Max tries to find her, he comes across a smuggling ring.  The good? Women who've been taken from their lives;  trained and manipulated until they are but shells of their former drugged out lives, sold to "love" their new masters.  And Max is bound and determined to find out who's running this operation and who his sister was sold to.  But remember, Max is a bad man.  He's not that undercover hero...he's a murderer, and with a degree in psychology a master manipulator as well.
Ava Donovan is the daughter of Frank Donovan. The one man who seemingly ruined Max and Lila's lives.  The one who FORCED that life changing event so many years ago...and now, sitting before Max, in a cold an dank cellar is the one and only apple of Franks eye...his nineteen year old princess.
Stevie J Cole writes a dark and twisted tale of murder, manipulation, rape and incest...just total wrongness all the way around. Stockholm syndrome and love.  The two are synonymous with kidnapping victims...or are they?
The characters Ms Cole has created tell a different tale.
~I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
This was good writing, great characters and a unique spin on the human trafficking story line that has become quite popular in the romantic suspense genre over the last couple of years.  I loved the ending. It was, to me, the best part of the book.  The way Ava "took control" to get her words out there in hopes that Max would "see the light"  or the total darkness her life had turned into.
A truly fated story, each individual tainted, broken; brought together years after the initial circumstance that was surely wrought by fate, only to complete the darkness found in each soul.
4 darkly delivered stars

About the Author:
Stevie J. Cole is a secret rock star. Sex, drugs and, oh wait, no, just sex. She’s a whore for a British accent and has an unhealthy obsession with Russell Brand. She and LP Lovell plan to elope in Vegas and breed the world’s most epic child.
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