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Hi guys I'm Daphnie - Mom, Taxi driver, Retail Manager, and True Book fanatic. My true love for reading started years ago with wizards and witch craft. I took a Book journey on the Hogwarts Express and derailed to Vampires and Warewolf in the Twilight saga. A few years later  I discovered Christian Grey and all of his 50 shades glory. That's when my true love for smut started. In July of 2013 I decide to take a new journey and started Bound By Books Book Review. I wanted a place were I could share my love for alpha males, tattooed men, the broken hearted, and books that make my heart race. Here we are a year later and we have grown more than I could have every imagine. We have grown so much I added four more people to our BBB crew. I love reading anything, romance, Contemporary, Adult, Paranormal, Suspense, Erotica, and Young Adult.



Howdy!  I'm a book junky and proud of it.  I started reading in junior high, my grandma gave me a bag full of Harlequin Romances, wow was I embarrassed the first time I read one.  What?  My grandma is reading this stuff?  ewww... Now, it's my kids saying that!  Oh, mom has ANOTHER romance novel to read...Ha!  I love it all...from laugh out loud Janet Evanovich to all those hunky Navy Seals from Suzanne Brockmann to the wonderfully dark and erotic.  I'm easy to please.  If a book can keep me entertained, laughing or panting I'm a happy camper.  My Kindle travels with me everywhere, and with 2 kids in sports, I go A LOT!  I hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!



Hello everyone my name is Erica, reading is my hobby and escape from life. I've been reading for as long as I can remember. Can't tell you my first book but, I do remember Sweet Valley Jr. High being in the top ten in my younger years. I'm a mother of 3 who I can't seem to get to read a book for fun to save my life. My world revolves around my children and my books. You'll never find me without my Kindle it goes on family vacation, to the restaurants, and it even made it to a concert once. I know that's pretty bad. My family and friends hate my kindle. But, I love it and they just don't understand our relationship.
My ideal book involves a love story any kind of love story contemporary, paranormal, erotic, and most of all dark. I love a story that can make my heart race, make me laugh, smile, swoon, cry, yell and mad enough to put the book down because I just can't believe you done something like that. I get emotionally involved with the characters'.  I love to be able to feel the characters' emotions as if they were my own and keeps me up reading through the night with a happy ending, and then stay with me after I'm done reading. Now granted not all books have those qualities, but those are the ones I seek out. Stories that make my heart race and have a happy ending.

I don't mind cliffhanger or series but, I do prefer to read them when the entire series is released. I love a good love triangle scenario even if I know who is the better couple. I believe it's the whole fight for me thing. I don't always vote for the nice guy I love the bad boy just as much if not more.


Hey all. I'm Theresa, a certified paralegal by day and an avid reader by night. No matter where I go, I always have my kindle with me because I never know when I will need to pass the time. I have been addicted to books since I was a little girl and often refer to myself as a book nerd. I love reading brand new authors but of course like every other reader I have my favorites! I am partial to romance, mystery and true crime but I am always willing to try a new genre even if only once. I love to talk books with my friends and I am happy to bring my love of books to the masses!