25 Day Countdown To Christmas ~ WINNERS

 Congratulation to all the winners and everyone up participated. If your name is in BLACK please PM us on  facebook. Please add what day you have won and your prize. Winners have until 1/2/2015 10pm est to contact us.


25 Day Countdown to Christmas
Day 25 ~ Ebook copy of Seeing White by Charlotte E Hart
Winner is Lisa Rogue
Day 24 ~ $5 Dollar Amazon Gift Card
Winner is Laurie Johnson
Day 23 ~No Turning Back by Tiffany Snow Signed
Winner is KellyMae Helfrich
Day 22~ Tijan Swag Pack inter
Winner is Anele Mil
Day 21 ~ Signed Posters from Tampa Indie Mashup x2
*Winners are Wendy Elizabeth Robinson & Debbie Baardsen
Day 20 ~ 2 ebooks of my novel Sasha's Dilemma by TL Smith
Winners are  Linda Radcliffe & Sherry Bauer
Day 19 ~ 2 x eBooks of YOU LOVED ME AT MY DARKEST. by Evie Harper
Winners are Louisa Fae Dent & Shannon Blackwell-Williams
Day 18 ~ Ebook or  audio book of choice by Vi Keeland
Winner is Keri Greea 
Day 16 ~ Ecopy of Torrent by Gemma James
Winner is Kayce Johnson
Day 15  ~ Winners Choice signed copy of One To Hold Series by Tia Loiuse
Winner is Jeni Coleman
Day 14 ~ 2.99 Kindle book of choice for you and a Friend
Alice Taylor & Mandy Pogozelec-Riachy
Day 13  2 x eBooks of YOU LOVED ME AT MY DARKEST. by Evie Harper
Congrats Pamela Leonhardt & *Diana Doan
Day 12 ~ 2 Winners signed In A Heartbeat by Hilary Storm
Winners are Amy Gross & Laurie Schmidt Lee
Day 11 ~ $5 gift card
Winner is Jonella. Moore 
 Day 10 ~ 5$ Amazon (or BN) Gift Card for you and an Ecopy of The Kiss by Erica M. Christensen for your friend.
Winners are Tracey Quintin and her  friend Tammy Turner
Day 9 ~ ebook of SHE  by Annabelle Fanning
Winner is Diana Doan
Day 8  Thottle Me SIgned by Chelle Bliss
Winner is  Mindy Truscott Newell  
Day  7 ~  Unspoken Box set by Gabbie Duran
 Winners are Christy Russell Holifield, Jennifer Bryson ,Brianna Dunn King, Nicole Guerrero ,Tina Tinkerbel Hart

Day 6 ~ Gift Set from Megan Smith & K.S. Smith 3 books sign and Bag signed 
Winner is Cindy-Frank Marley
Day 5  Kindle Copy of Surreal by RE Hargrave 
Winner ~ Krista Ricchi 
Day 4 ~ 2 ebooks from HS STRICKLAND
Winner of The Lucky Bullet is *Tammie Lee & the Winner of The Missing Pieces is Mary Luke Young
Day 3 ~  A Beautiful Mess by TK Leigh box set, gifted via Amazon US
Winner is Amanda Jane Williams
Day 1 ~  $15 Gift Card 
Winner BreAnna Eichhorn

Blog Tour & Review: Riding It Out by Jennifer Foor


One woman

One man

An empty bed and breakfast

A summer storm

One night they'll never forget - so they thought...


When my aunt passed away and left me her dilapidated bed and breakfast it was all so surreal. I hadn't been back to that beach in many years, and the idea of revisiting left me sad and vulnerable.

I never planned on having guests. In fact, I just wanted to close up the place and sell it, so that I could move on with my life.

Then the storm happened.

Taken by surprise, I planned on waiting for it to pass. The house creaked and the power went out. That's when someone knocked on the door.

He was a stranger, dripping wet, cold, and looking for shelter. I couldn't turn him away...

What happened next between us opened new doors, changing everything I thought I wanted for myself.

The only question is if I can trust him, or will his secrets destroy it all?




I fell in love with Jennifer Foor when I read the Mitchell Family Series. So I was excited to read Riding It Out. It's a story of self discovery, second chances, secret identities and steamy scenes like only Ms. Foor can write.

When Erica inherits her beloved aunt's B & B, she has the life she always thought she wanted. A career she devoted years of hard work to and her family. Upon taking ownership of the house, she visits the home and courtesy of a storm, meets the handsome Reed. He turns her world upside down and has her questioning everything. But is Reed all he seems?

 I really enjoyed this book. It had me smiling, crying and fanning myself. There were twists I never saw coming and moments that warmed my heart. If you're looking for a book with a good HEA, this is one for you! 4.5 stars! Well done Jennifer! 



Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.

She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart. 




Blog Tour & Review: Casual Encounter Series by M.S. Parker


I'd given Gavin everything, including my trust, and I'd thought we'd worked past our problems here in Cannes. Then I saw him kissing Alizee… The trip to France that was supposed to bring them closer together keeps tearing Carrie and Gavin apart, this time thanks to Alizee Padovani. Carrie wants the lies to stop, but when her journalist friend, Pierre, tells her she can't confront Gavin without putting innocent lives in danger, she finds herself caught in a web of deceit. What she doesn't know is that being quiet might be just as deadly. Everything comes to a head for Carrie and Gavin in the final installment of M.S. Parker's exciting French Connection series. You won't want to miss it!
When my attempt at a date ended disastrously and Cade has come to my rescue again, I wondered if, maybe there was something more between us than business. Or was it just wishful thinking? Bree Gamble is following the directions from her teacher, Cade Shepard, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Cade’s rescue leads revelations about his past, things that make Bree fear their arrangement is about to end because of rule number one. She can’t deny the attraction she has beyond physical and, now, she believes there’s a possibility that Cade feels the same way. Will they trust each other enough to confess their true feelings, and if they do, will it all end with them each going their separate ways?
I thought I could handle this business arrangement. It was what I'd wanted, after all. Someone to teach me how to be the kind of woman every man desired. Every man, that was, but one. When Bree Gamble agrees to let escort Cade Shepard mold her into a beautiful, confident woman, she tells herself that it's business, nothing more. A transaction between consenting adults. Sex with no emotional strings attached. Exactly what she needs after the disastrous end to her previous relationship. As things with Cade progress, however, she is forced to admit that she's starting to fall for the handsome gigolo. Will Bree be able to keep her feelings hidden or is her relationship with Cade doomed? Find out what happens next in the third Casual Encounter installment by best-selling author M.S. Parker.
When I found out that Cade Shepard was my white knight, I let myself believe that I could fall in love again. And then I realized that everything had been a lie. Twenty-five year-old Bree Gamble feels betrayed by her best friend after discovering that the man she thought could help her get over her broken heart is nothing more than a paid escort. But Cade surprises her. He shows up at her door with an apology and a proposal. He offers to teach her how to become the kind of woman that no man will ever be able to refuse. He just has one rule: She can’t fall in love with him or the deal is off. Will Bree give in to the temptation and risk losing her heart in the process? The second installment of Casual Encounter by best-selling author M.S. Parker is a must-read seductive roller-coaster.
My wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. Instead, my heart was shattered into a million pieces. When twenty-five year-old Bree Gamble was left at the altar by her long-time boyfriend, she isn't sure where she's supposed to go from there. Her friends try to help by setting her up on blind dates, telling her she needs a casual encounter to move on. Then a mysterious stranger comes to her rescue and Bree thinks that maybe she's met the one person who can help heal her broken heart. What she doesn't know is that her handsome hero isn't the white knight she imagines. Don't miss the first installment in the Casual Encounters series, the latest by best selling author M.S. Parker.


Bree Gramble has dated Richard for the last 7 years. They had plans to get married. She had planned her fairytale wedding. The worst thing that could happen took place. The groom left her at the alter to be with their wedding planner. Bree is down and out lucky for her she has friends that want her to get back in the dating game. What’s the best way to get over your ex is to have a casual encounter when at least that’s what her bestfriends think. When Aubree goes on a blind date that her Mindy set her up with a stranger comes to her rescue from the horrible asshole of a guy. Not only does Bree fall for her protector she kisses him and get to get his name. Now all she can think of is this nameless man that give her the best kiss of her life.

Although Bree first blind date was a date from hell she let Adelle set her up on another blind date. Bree was ready to let go of her heartbreak. She wasn’t sure what kind of person Adelle was going to set her up with. But she wasn’t expecting it to be her mystery man. Yes, she found him. What could go wrong now?


Bree is trying to move past the shock of her bestfriend Adelle hiring a prostitute in an attempt to help her move past her break up and bad date. Although she knew she did it with good intentions it hurt Bree’s feelings. She felt like out of all people Adelle should’ve known how she would feel about it. She hasn’t talk to Adelle and is having mixed feelings about Cade.

Bree is a strong woman to be able to move forward after all that she has been through. Bree knows the kind of woman she wants to be and is willing to let down her walls to become that woman. Let’s see what the help of a special some can do for a woman’s confidence.


Bree always knew she could fall for Cade and now it is getting harder to hide her feelings. She also knows that if her feels start to show the arrangement is over. Bree find out some devastating news and tries to cancel the arrangement with Cade. Cade is not having it and comes to Bree's house to let her know that it’s not over until he says it over. When she tells him why, he tells her that he won't be seeing her friend

The most of this series I read the more I’m loving it. Bree is making way toward becoming this confident woman. She is ready to do what it takes to show her friends she is serious and has come a long why from that shy insecure woman. Her problem was she didn’t want another man she wanted Cade. She had a strong feeling that he felt the same way but was constantly and odd with herself about the things he say. She knows that he doesn't do relationships so she has to make sure she keeps her feelings hidden from him. There is one problem Cade is starting to have feeling for Bree as well. I know that shouldn’t be a problem but Cade doesn’t do feeling well and he’s not sure how to handle them. We can only hope for the sake of Bree he pulls it together and comings to his senses


This is the installment where Bree is put to the test to see what she has learned. This is also the installment at I fell in love with Cade. Bree had another date that didn’t ends so well and once again Cade had to rescue her. Brees isn’t sure what to do with her feelings and neither does Cade. Hopefully he won’t continue to push her away and follow his heart.


I love the way this series ended. It was a beautiful finale for this couple. Cade never anybody would want him for him only for what he had to offer, his body and good looks. He never thought he would find a woman after his heart and soul. Aubrey thought she was destined to be alone. She have had a heart broken into a million piece, dates that looked pass her body. The first time she saw him she knew he was the one. She just didn’t think it was take so must to make him hers. Together they mended and fixed each other hearts. While he was teaching her confidences she was teacher him he is worth more than what meets the eye. This was my favorite of the series. They both found the love they were looking for. I especially loved the fact that Cade realizes that Aubrey more special than life itself. I gave this series 4 stars. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
About Author
M.S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection.
Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy romance. Growing up all she wanted to be was a dancer, actor or author. So far only the latter has come true but M. S. Parker hasn't retired her dancing shoes just yet. She is still waiting for the call for her to appear on Dancing With The Stars. When M. S. isn't writing, she can usually be found reading- oops, scratch that! She is always writing.
Tour Host OUAA

Release Day Blast: AFTER US by Amber Hart


Amber Hart's AFTER US is available today, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Be sure to grab it today - and get ready to be hooked!


About AFTER US: "Beautiful, lyrical writing and a dangerously suspenseful plot. . .an unforgettable novel that readers will love." --Lucy Connors, author of The Lonesome Young
Sometimes secrets kill. Maybe slowly, maybe painfully. Maybe all at once.
Melissa smiles. She flirts. She jokes. But she never shows her scars. Eight months after tragedy ripped her from her closest friend, Melissa is broken. Inside her grows a tumor, fed by grief, rage, and the painful memory of a single forbidden kiss.
Javier has scars of his own: a bullet wound, and the memory of a cousin shot in the heart. Life in the States was supposed to be a new beginning, but a boy obsessed by vengeance has no time for the American dream. To honor his familia, Javier joins the gang who set up his cousin's murder. The entrance price is blood. Death is the only escape.
These two broken souls could make each other whole again--or be shattered forever.
Our time will come. And we'll be ready.
Add it to Goodreads here!

About Amber Hart

Amber Hart grew up in Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. She now resides on the Florida coastline with family. When unable to find a book, she can be found writing, daydreaming, or with her toes in the sand. She's the author of BEFORE YOU, AFTER US, UNTIL YOU FIND ME, and sequel to UNTIL YOU FIND ME (untitled as of yet). Represented by Beth Miller of Writers House.

Spotlight Tour: DASH Vol 2 by Shantel Tessier

Title: Dash Vol. 2
Author: Shantel Tessier
Genre: Adult, Romance
Release Date: December 30, 2014
I should have walked away that day at the race track. I should have turned my back on Dash and all the feelings I started to have for him. He lied to me. He was keeping secrets from not only my father but me as well. But I couldn’t. There were too many unanswered questions that I needed to know and he promised to tell me. But promises are made to be broken, right? 

I lied. Not because I needed to but because I could. Tabatha was smart, though. She is gonna figure out sooner or later that who I am and who she thinks I am are two very different people. She deserves the truth. But how do I know what the truth is anymore?

My heart pounds in my chest and my body trembles. I gasp, trying to catch my breath.
“You sure know how to stroke a man’s ego,” Dash’s voice whispers into my ear as his hand slides between our bodies and his fingers find my clit. I gasp as he starts to massage it. He chuckles as he buries his face deeper into my neck.
I arch my back, allowing him better access as I suck in another breath. “You’re the one doing all the work,” I pant as his body lies on top of mine.
I feel him smile against my neck. I let out a shriek as he rolls over and pulls me on top of him. He looks up to me with a smirk on his face. A few strands of dark hair stick to his slick forehead. “You can have all the control you want, darling.” I’m momentarily paralyzed as his light gray eyes stare up into mine. The morning light coming in through the window makes them sparkle. The smirk grows across his face as he places his hands behind his head. Arrogant bastard. He knows what he does to me when he looks at me like that. Like I’m the only woman in the world. Like neither one of us have a past. Like we’re not hiding from the present. I don’t know what our future holds, but at the moment, it goes on forever.
I run my hands up his smooth and hard chest, the sweat from our bodies making it slippery. I want to taste him in every way. To the point that it may make me sound somewhat insane. Leaning down, I place my lips on his chest and give him a soft kiss. I continue giving him soft kisses as I slide my body down his.
He lifts his hips and he lets out a deep growl as I wrap my fingers around the base of his dick. I wet my lips and lower my mouth over him as his hands find their way into my hair. So much for being in charge. I don’t mind it, though. He can have all the control over me that he wants.
He lets out a moan as I pull him to the back of my throat. I let out a noise of my own when I taste myself on him. As I go to pull up, his hands in my hair grip me tighter and he lifts his hips, pushing deeper into my mouth. I try to fight the urge to pull back, to fight his control. He’s not Rodger, I tell myself.
“Fuck…Oh…” I run my eyes up his body lying on the white sheets. His stomach muscles clench and his chest rises and falls quickly. His head is thrown back, his jaw tight, as he sucks in breaths through clenched teeth. It’s a sight to see—me allowing him to take pleasure from me the way that he wants. I relax, allowing him to have his way with my mouth as I just allowed him to have my body.
I take him as deep and as fast as he wants to go. And he wants it fast. He doesn’t let up. My jaw is sore and my cheeks hurt but it’s worth it. Anything is worth hearing that man come with my name on his lips.
Once he’s finished, he releases my hair and I pull away from him with a satisfied smile on my face. He grabs me by the shoulders and throws me down beside him. “You’re amazing,” he breathes as he pushes some hair off of my face.
I take in a deep breath. “Not so bad yourself,” I tease.
His smile widens. “So much for stroking my ego,” he mumbles.
I arch an eyebrow. “I think I’ve stroked enough,” I respond, making him fill his bedroom with laughter.

I open my eyes and look at myself in the mirror. I have streaks running down my face from the tears I’ve cried in the last hour. It’s crazy how that memory was from just this morning. We were lying in his bed laughing as we were getting ready for round two. Now I’m standing in the restroom at the hospital waiting to see if he’s gonna be okay.
Dash crashed! It happened so fast that it didn’t register at first. He was riding along on the track after our talk. I had almost left him. I was so pissed at the fact that he was keeping some serious secrets from me. Hell, I thought that Valerie was telling the truth and that she was indeed his girlfriend. My father even believed her. Acted like he knew her. But after talking to him, I believed him. Then he jumped back on his bike and went to finish his practice run.

Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, who is a wonderful, supportive husband and their three year old little princess. She loves to spend time cuddled up on the couch with a good book.

She is currently working on book two in the Undescribable series. She considers herself extremely lucky to get to be a stay at home wife and mother. Going to concerts and the movies are just a few of her favorite things to do. She hates coffee, but loves wine. She and her husband are both huge football fans, college and NFL. And she has to feed her high heel addiction by shopping for shoes weekly.

Although she has a passion to write, her family is most important to her. She loves spending evenings at home with her husband and daughter, along with their cat and dog.