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She's been broken by her past. He's been breaking for as long as he can remember. Together, they can make each other whole--or destroy each other. When his best friend asks for something, Dane rarely says no. But babysitting a newly sober Scout Grimes for three weeks isn't exactly a normal request. And with their history, it's a recipe for disaster. Not to mention, she's drop dead gorgeous and he can't touch her. There are few people Scout trusts as much as Dane Guillot. He's always been her safe place, where nothing can hurt her. He's also been the only man she's never let herself want--screwing up their friendship isn't worth one amazing night together. They have too much history, and too much personal baggage to ever work. But if they are willing to take a chance on love--it might be worth the risk.
This is book two in the University if Branton series. You do not have to read book one to be able to read this book.
Scout is just getting out of rehab when we meet her and its not her first trip there. She has been using drugs for the last 6 years to deal with a tragedy that only Dane knows about. After the tragedy she needed to be able to stop the nightmares so she turned to drugs. She would disappear for weeks on end and her brother Atti and his best friend Dane would not see her until she needed money. After this stint in rehab she was determined  to stay clean but her brother was to wrapped up in his own thing to be their to help her so Dane to the rescue.     
Dane has always been their for Scout and when Atti wasn't able to let his sister stay with him on her return home. Dane said Scout could stay would him, but only gave Atticus a month and then Scout needed to be out. Dane has demons of his own and deat with them trough casual sex.  
Because I can feel how wet you are and if you do that again, I'm gonna forget I'm suppose to be a gentleman and I'm gonna fuck you senseless
Things between Dane and Scout get HOT, they have always had this connection between the two of them. Dane is concerned because of Atticus and Scout is worried because she doesn't want to loss her best friend. Staying as friends Dane and Scout do there best to fight there desires.
Will Scout and Dane be able to work through their problems? How will Atti except there growing romance? Can Scout stay clean from Drugs?
I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it. Scout and Dane are HOT HOT HOT. If you have read book one you get to see more of Avery and Atticus relationship. We get to see more closure in what has been happening between the two of them.
Rating 4.5 stars

♥ Excerpt  ♥

The door peeks open, and her voice fills it. "Dane?" 

For a heartbeat, I almost don't answer. But there's a hitch in her voice that makes me sit up.

"What's wrong, Scout?" I ask, surprised my voice is steady.

"Can I sleep with you?

" My eyes go wide, and my dick twitches. Great. Five minutes after orgasm and I'm already getting hard again.

"I don't think that's a good idea." I say hoarsely.
"Just to sleep," she says, her voice unspeakably weary. "You keep the dreams away. I don't want to dream."

Her voice breaks me. What did I tell her earlier? A safe place. I won't take that away from her, not when she's staring at me like I can make the boogieman go away.

I toss the blankets back and she climbs into bed without hesitating. I lean over and tuck her in, ignoring her shiver, the way she looks so right in my bed. That's not what she's asking for or needs. I settle on my side of the king sized bed, and it's quiet, the only noise her soft breathing and the subtle shifts as she tries to get comfortable.

"Scout?" I ask, and she tenses. "Go with me to a meeting tomorrow?"

I see her slight nod, and some of my tension eases. Without letting myself overthink it, I pull her into my arms. She's stiff for a heartbeat that seems like an eternity, and then the tension drains out of her so quickly it makes me dizzy. She nestles against me, her head tucked into the crook of my shoulder, her body a pliant warmth against my side.

"Night, Dane," she whispers, and I murmur something incoherent as her breathing settles.

She's asleep in minutes, and I'm left in the dark, holding her. Wondering how I became her safe place, and wondering how the hell I'm going to keep from screwing it up.

♥  About the Author   ♥
Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

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