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 Title : Second Chance Hero
Author: Rebecca Sherwin
Genre : New Adult
Released : September 5, 2013
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♥  Synopsis  ♥

He owns me. Completely, irrevocably. He always has. My heart, body and soul belong to this man and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just hope I'm not too late...' Two best friends. One Christmas. Unpredictable events that tear a perfect friendship apart. Jenna Rivera changed after the night on the beach where her heart was broken and she lost everything she thought she had. Gone is the girl who was raised by the sea, replaced by the city girl she swore she'd never be. Deacon Reid, owner of D R & Son Property Development and the town playboy spends his days avoiding everything his life was before the death of his father five years ago. After losing his dad and his best friend in the same night, Deacon went in search of the trait girls... Five and a half years, countless one night stands and a stockbroker boyfriend later, Jenna and Deacon reunite. The past and present collide as they mask the all consuming love they feel for each other with a dangerous cocktail of anger, jealousy and lust. Deacon makes it his mission to win Jenna back, to save her from the years of pain he caused. He swears to be her hero, grasping with both hands at their second chance at the kind of love many dream of . In life nothing is certain, and every day must be treated as if it's your last. Can they save their love, and each other, before it's too late?


♥ About Rebecca  ♥
I wrote a poem when I was nine years old called 'Without You' and it was published in an anthology. That is where my writing journey began. I bounced around between jobs and career ideas for a long time before I decided I wanted to take writing seriously. With nothing but college level qualifications and a mind full of inspiration, I sat at my desk and scribbled plan after plan onto A5 paper. In a few hours I had planned six novels including a trilogy. A full time mother to an energetic little boy, I thought writing and publishing was a long shot, and something I would keep in a drawer to read to myself, afraid to share what I had written. But here I am, an independent author, full time mother and insomniac. I write sexy contemporary romance with a twist. Most of my stories are every day occurrences, things often thought of as irrelevant, although they affect and consume peoples lives every day. I create strong characters, emotional story lines and journeys with no simple road to the desired destination. Life isn't about where you end up, it's about the paths you take to get there and the people and events you encounter on the way, and that is what I aim to show with my writing. I have many more stories on the way, and I hope everyone who reads, enjoys them and is able to relate to them in one way or another.
♥  Excerpt  ♥

He shrugs and rolls his eyes and before I think about what I’m doing, my hand connects with his face. Deacon grabs my wrist again, and I want to say sorry, but something is burning so hot inside me that I don’t feel sorry for hitting him. But I don’t feel better either. He pulls my wrist hard enough for me to fall into his steel chest and his free hand grabs a handful of my hair. In an instant our lips collide and I fall apart. I slide my hands into his hair, and push myself against him. I feel him hard and ready on my stomach as his hands touch every part of my body he can reach. I moan against his lips as his hands slide up my dress and he grabs my behind. This is what I wanted, what I needed. Something coiled up inside the minute he brushed my hair earlier and all I need is to be released. I fumble with the belt on his trousers and make a reach for his zip.

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