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After spending the last two years stuck behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, Harlow ‘Princess’ Gavelson’s time inside has finally come to an end, and she’s ready for revenge. Unfortunately, being the daughter to the Vice President of the Ravage Motorcycle Club cuts into her plans, as orders must be followed. Trying to settle back into this life is proving difficult when the tables are turned and the woman who framed her is out for blood. Lucky for Princess, growing up in a MC has taught her how to hold her own.
After spending years in hell overseas, Donavon ‘Cruz’ came home to lose the very thing he went into hell for, sending him to the darkest moments of his life. Joining Ravage two years ago was his safe haven, and he protects his family at all costs. When a dark-haired bombshell struts into the club’s shop, he’s caught off guard but immediately knows she’s the one he’d do anything for. Tough as nails, and taking no crap from anyone, he’s captivated by a woman who could handle this life. Trying to meet the needs of the MC business and follow his heart proves to be difficult when the two collide, and lives are at stake. Can these two find a way to be together, or will the needs of Ravage cost them everything, including their lives? *Contains mature content including, sex and violence. Mature audiences only.*
Pop … pop … pop … Gun fire rang out as a black cage drove past with its side door wide open. Grabbing my gun, I fired back in quick reaction and dropped behind the porch post. The front door flew open as Princess stormed out, gun pointed and firing with great aim, hitting the cage repeatedly. The shots kept coming, and Princess didn’t flinch or shy away. She ducked a few times, but kept moving.
We were both in a dead sprint to our bikes firing them up and taking off after the cage. Weaving in and out of traffic, we kept on its tail, firing shots back and forth. I couldn’t help the hard-on I got watching Princess shoot while still maneuvering her bike effortlessly. Not the time for that shit.
Pulling up besides the cage, I began shooting rapidly, hitting one of the guys. Princess’s shots hit another who fell out, causing her to stop her bike abruptly, unable to swerve out of the way. Shooting again, I aimed for the tires, but fucking missed as it spun off. There was no way I was leaving her alone out here.
Turning back around, I reached Princess who was down on the ground checking out the shooter. “Dead?”
“Yeah.” Grabbing my phone I called Dagger giving him our current location and advising clean up. I knew it would only take about five minutes before the cavalry came in.
“You all right?” Looking at her, I could see she seemed fine, no blood anywhere, but being a woman you never know how they react to this shit.
“I’m good.” She smiled. “Home, sweet home. You know this guy?”
“Looks like one of Rabbit’s crew.” Damn it. Rabbit’s known for running drugs throughout the state and we have dealings with him. This can’t be good.
“I take it he’s one of the everyone that Diamond wants me to be careful of, huh?” She looked as if she was studying the body before her, lifting up the shirt, taking in all the ink and marks on it totally unfazed she was looking at a dead body.
“Somethin’ like that.” The roar of bikes in the distance snapped me into action. “Get your ass on your bike and go back to Ma’s house. I’ll send some guys over.”
If looks could kill, I’d be lying dead next to the man on the road. “I’m just as much a part of this as you are,” she growled out. It was sexy as hell, but her trying to control shit was gonna stop quick.
“I’m not gonna say it again. Fucking go. Now.” I ordered.
“If you remember, it was my fucking shot that killed the bastard.” She stood up heading towards her bike. I could see in her face it was killing her to have to leave the scene, but she listened and headed back the way we came. I held in my chuckle. Damn woman.
Ryan Michele’s a mom and wife who works full time. She lives in the Midwest and enjoys being outside when the weather’s nice. She even helps out in the corn field when it’s necessary.
Ryan Michele has a huge obsession with reading, which only came to life after her best friend said she had to read Twilight. After reading that series, her entire world changed in the blink of an eye. Not only was she sucked into new worlds and all of the wonderful words authors put down on paper, she felt the urge to begin to write down the characters that played inside of her head. In doing so, Safe was born. Then Wanting You and currently Ravage Me.
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