Cover Reveal: Igniting The Wild Sparks by Ren Alexander


Letting go of my right breast, he moves back up over me. My hands don’t leave his hair, while he’s ever vigilant to not put his weight on me. He says, “That’s why I have to wear sunglasses at all times during practice. I can’t stop staring at your body. Most of the time, I have to hide behind a clipboard or everyone will see how much you turn me on. You’re so f*cking hot, Hadley.”
Shyly smiling at his compliment, I take my hands out of his hair, down to his ass and I squeeze, pushing him against me. He involuntarily huffs and I say, “And I can’t stop staring at this. Every time you turn your back to me, I’m enjoying the view.”
I feel his grin over my lips. “So, you’re checking me out? Am I a 10?”
“Maybe a 5.5.” I giggle and trail my hands over his muscled back, and up into his hair once more. It’s one of my favorite places to be.
“Baby, I’ll get you to change that score.” He swoops down and takes one of my nipples into his mouth, licking and nibbling. I heavily gasp and moan, yanking on his hair as I writhe beneath him. His rough goatee on my skin feels so erotic.
I want him to possess me. I’m forever his.
He moves to the other one, frantically sucking and licking my breast as if I’m going to melt, making me sigh in delight. “Oh, Sparks.”
Finn swiftly lifts his head from his task. “Am I hurting you?”
I shake my head and smile. “I love what you do to me.”
“Baby, you don’t even realize what you do to me.” He peels off my underwear and eagerly dips a finger inside of me again, hissing his appreciation as he firmly massages me, sparking the same, intensely brash need I had for him Saturday night.
Tugging on his hair and with my other hand, I embrace his jaw, scratching my nails into his light stubble growing in as he ardently gazes at me, bringing me close to an orgasm. With the overwhelming desire for him engulfing my body, I whimper, “Finnigan, take me.” He suddenly moves and hurriedly pulls his boxer shorts down. I don’t even want to take our shirts off. I need him too much to care.
Am I the easy, little whore he called me in my nightmare?
When he has his shorts off, I slightly sit up and yank on his shirt, obliging him to fall, but he catches himself before he lands on me. Our lips joyfully collide and I avidly kiss him, attacking his tongue with mine. I move my hands down to his biceps, pressing my fingers into his barbed wire tattoos. If they were real wire, my fingers would be shredded, I’m holding onto him so tightly.
I try shifting beneath him to push my hips up, attempting to coax him inside me before he can even put a condom on, but it hurts my stomach to try so hard. Regardless of the pain burning in my stomach, it doesn’t compare to the piercing, aching need I have for Sparks. I’ve never wanted Finn Wilder more than I do right now.

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