Review:Take A Chance By Annalisa Nicole (Book 1)

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Willow Emery is in the middle of chemotherapy when she literally runs into Asher Wellington on the sidewalk after treatment with a rather unfortunate outcome. She is alone in a new city and doesn’t need anyone in her life. If life has taught her anything it’s that you can’t rely on anyone. 
Asher is a young widower, devastated by the tragic death of his wife Olivia three years earlier. He has given up the idea of ever finding the kind of love that he shared with his late wife. Will one fateful day bring two lost souls together? Will taking a chance lead them to a happily ever after or will the challenges they face keep them apart?

Desiree's 4 Star Review

This a very emotional story about a young woman who is struggling to face cancer on her own. Willow doesn’t have any that can be there for her, so she braves it alone. She left home and her mother right out of high school and hasn’t looked back.
In comes the handsome and young widower. Asher has been mourning his wife for three years now, after losing her to a drunk driving accident. He and his family don’t think he’ll ever recover.
Asher meets the lovely young redhead in the most unlikely of ways. Once he has, he starts to feel interest, something that he hasn’t in the years since his wife’s death. He isn’t sure how to feel about that. Still his curiosity leads him to Willow. As the spend time together they start to form a bond through their own personal struggles.
Can they both overcome their fears and their pasts in order to Take A Chance on each other? You can find out by picking up a copy of this sweet love story.
I really enjoyed the fact that this wasn’t just a bedroom book, there was a wonderfully written story here. Don’t get me wrong, there was passion, but it didn’t overwhelm the book. I recommend having some tissues on hand when you delve into the journey with Willow and Asher, it can be a tearjerker, but it is interspersed with wit and some comedy to lighten it up.

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