Blog Tour, Review: Crying Wolf by Amanda Kay

Title: Crying Wolf

Author: Amanda Kay

Release Date: March 4, 2014


War is reality...
Love is hard to come by...
The two worlds should never collide.

Hunter Jackson as been a major force in the werewolf army since he turned eighteen. When he hit twenty-one is father the commanding officer of the entire force gave him complete control over his own unit. Their mission is simple take down the shape shifters.

There is one problem with this...
Her name is Amelia.

Two months before his team raids the home of the Shape Shifter heads he meets Amelia Brecken. She is like no one else he has ever known, she also is the daughter of Sir Reid and Mistress Lilyann leaders of the Shape Shifters.

War becomes his reality and love takes a backseat. A collision course is paved and only Hunter can prevent the accident. Danger is real. Her protection key, even if he has to break her heart to keep her safe. 


Desiree’s 3.5 Star Review

Crying Wolf is a paranormal tale of love that plays on the Romeo and Juliette story. Hunter Jackson is the Werewolf Commander’s son. The Commander is out for the Shape Shifters to be brought down. The complication? Hunter has fallen in love with the Shape Shifters’ princess, Amelia. So the question is, how do they make this work?

In the process of trying to get his father to see that making peace with the Shape Shifters would be the best plan, Hunter meets Amelia. Amelia Brecken is the head of the Shape Shifters’ family’s daughter, the princess. How is it that he could be falling for the woman that is supposed to be the enemy? Well Hunter doesn’t see things the same way his father does, he holds no grudges against them. He intends to make it possible for a relationship between them.

Amelia Brecken has been taught to fear the Werewolves all her life. The reason? The Commander of their army wants them dead. Then why is she allowing Hunter Jackson to cause her to develop feelings for him? She knows it’s because he isn’t like his father. He wants things to be peaceful between the feuding parties, just as she and her family do. She just isn’t sure trying to make a relationship work with Hunter is a very smart idea for either of them.

This is a fast paced, paranormal erotic story. You will find lots of steamy scenes throughout this book. There were some parts of this story that were a bit repetitive and there were some that just weren’t fully explained. While I liked the story idea, it seemed a bit to fast paced for my taste. This is the first installment in The Hunter Jackson’s Tales.




Peace Treaty Meeting


Hunter was nervous. He was the son of the Commanding Officer of the Werewolf Army and anything he said, went. Hunter Jackson was quickly working his way up to General, but his task right now was to present a way to bridge the gap between the Werewolves and the Shape Shifters. He was going over his notes looking down at what caused this dumb ass war. He truly believed it was stupid. One little misunderstanding between his dad and the Brecken family, and all hell broke loose.

“Hi.” A female voice said from behind him.

“I’m Amelia.” Her voice was sweet. Way too sweet for Hunter Jackson, but he got the shock of his life when he turned around and saw tattoos up her arm, and hazel, greenish eyes that stunned him. She was a mixture of sweet and badass, Hunter’s perfect fit.

“I’m Hunter.” He said, stretching out his hand. She took it and he felt heat, passion, desire, and the weight he was carrying on his shoulders vanish the moment her hand connected with his.

“Well, I need to head in and find my parents. This should be interesting.” She huffed. He didn’t want her to leave, but he surrendered her.

Yea, interesting was one way to put it. Hunter took his speech seriously when his father gave him the task. He spent every waking moment studying what caused the rift between the Werewolves and the Shape Shifters. What he learned was that it was no one’s fault. It was a horrible misunderstanding regarding control of certain parts of Linwynn. Most of the country was under the control of the Werewolves, but long ago, the Shape Shifters had claimed a small piece of the country. It was legit, but a weird document appeared saying the land was taken from the Werewolves and everything began to spiral out of control. There had already been tension for personal reasons. This just further pressed things. His dad was determined to take down the Shape Shifters and had arrested several that lived in the part of Linwynn controlled by them.

Hunter begged his dad to just leave things alone, but he wasn’t having it. So here Hunter was hoping he could bridge the gap. He thought his idea was pretty solid, but Hunter also knew his dad. In fact, Hunter wondered why his dad had even asked for this.

Stepping up to address the Werewolves and Shape Shifters, his eyes immediately searched for the beautiful Amelia. He didn’t see her in the Werewolf section, though when he did find her, his heart sank. She was sitting right in between Sir Reid and Mistress Lilyann. Oh shit, she was a Brecken; she was a Shape Shifter. Oh fuck! He was royally screwed unless this speech worked, and the shock on her face told him all he needed to know. She was terrified because she now knew he wasn’t just Hunter, he was Hunter Jackson. To a Brecken, that would be a major deal, quite possibly a deal breaker.




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