Title: Rockalicious (Stud #1)
Genre: Fiction/Adult/Erotica/Short stories
Release Date: 14/02/14


Meet Jackson "Jax" Harding, lead singer of the rock band Dirty Louisiana. A wickedly good-looking playboy with a mischievous smile, a body that screams I’m-going-to-take-you-hard-against-the-closest-wall and stunning blue eyes that make you think that he can see right into your soul and impregnate it. He’s the kind of bad boy your mother has warned you about. Obviously, the type that you fall for anyway.
Women throw themselves at his feet and what kind of man would he be if he didn’t treat them to a good time or two? Relationships are perfectly okay as long as they are short-termed and there’s no label put on them. All he needs is someone to share his popcorn with, keep his feet warm at night and change body fluids with in every wicked way he can think of.
Meet the first trio of the Rockstar Stud’s Harem: Amy, Hayley and Alex. What can you expect when Jax meets women who aren’t the easy groupie type but whose panties fall off all by themselves anyway by the sight of the sex-on-a-very-honorable-sized-stick rock god? A little bit of wit, kink and smartassery. A hell of a lot lust, desire and passion.
Welcome to the sinful world of Rock ’n’ Roll. Enjoy the ride, it’s going to be a bumpy one.
Please consider yourself warned. If you are looking for a perfect fairytale-ish love story with I dos, matching heart tattoos and innocent second-base action, this book is so not for you. This book is intended for mature audiences, contains hot, consensual sex between people in insatiable lust with each other. Panties are optional.

Rachel's 4 Star Review

WOW. Seriously it's all about lie...seriously, her synopsis and "warning" (if you want to call it that, I personally call it my cue to be a  must read) is spot on..literally, it hits that little magic spot.  I was expecting an actual story, but you can break this one up into 3 different reads if you'd like.  Each girl is a separate encounter, separate section in the book.  So if you just want a little read to get into the mood, you could read Amy's time maybe Hayley's story...yeah, you get the idea.  I happened to have read the whole thing through in less than an hour, so when I say short read, I mean short.  It's pretty much one hot, fuckable scene per girl.  I was a little disappointed in that aspect, since I was expecting a full on story. Honestly, it kinda reads like a porno.  One explicit, hot scene per girl.  Will I read the full length novel Alexandra V is working on?  Most definitely, if it's anything like this it will be HOT and that's good enough for me!


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Indie author. Lover of coffee, music and alpha males.
Known to be a rainbow-haired rebel with a weird and inappropriate sense of humour. People usually don't get me but at least I find myself hilarious. Though, if you ever tell me a blonde joke, I might punch you in the nuts/vajayjay.
My biggest inspiration once said: "Live your fucking dreams, no matter what". That's exactly what I'm trying to do here, making my dreams my reality.
What can you expect from my books? A lot of lust. Desire. Passion. A little bit of wit. Kink. Smartassery. Hopefully a hell of a lot entertainment for you.
While I’m working on my first adult contemporary novel, which will be something different, I'm going to release a series of short erotic stories! If you haven't met Jax Harding, you don't know what the sex is, baby!

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