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Love could prove fatal in N.B. Baker’s thrilling and titillating debut, Everything. A seductive tale of romance and deception, its twists and turns lead to a shocking finale that proves no secret is left buried forever.
No one would ever mistake Ella Stone’s life for a fairy tale. Abandoned by her parents when she was an infant, Ella was raised by her grandparents on a vast Wyoming ranch. When they both pass away within a year of each other, Ella must contemplate her own future for the first time.
Upon moving to Detroit to be closer to friends, Ella is immediately swept away by the passionate, up-and-coming artist Hunter. But their romance comes to an abrupt end when she catches him in bed with another woman. Struggling to move on, Ella meets Chance St. John. Their coincidental run-ins seem almost comical at first. Until the night he rescues her from a brutal attack.
As they get to know each other, Ella and Chance embark on a passionate journey that neither had ever thought possible. But Ella can’t fight the feeling that Chance is holding something back, something from his past that he’s just not willing to share.
Ella must discover the truth before Chance’s dark past destroys them both.

Everything from N.B. Baker had everything a fantastic book needs. Secrets, betrayal, hot romance, I love when I read a book and I am unable to guess the secret. 

Wow this book was fantastic, I loved how I was not able to figure out the secret. I hate to read a book and figure out the big secret before it comes out. But N.B. Baker was able to keep you on your toes trying to figure it out.

Ella has had a hand thrown at her. Her only family was her grandparents who both passed away within a year of each other. Ella starts new in a new state with her two besties and is sweep of her feet by a new love. When we do the same thing each day sometimes we may miss what really going on around you. When you think everything in life is perfect sometime we miss the little things in front of us. . When you think your walking into a romantic night for yourself is really your man with another woman.

 Things happen for a reason and Ella got a second chance when see  bumps into Chance. I loved the characters in this story after Ella dealt with her douche of an ex she has Chance, who I just love. Chance and Ella's chemistry started out pretty quickly, but the SEX was smoking HOT.

The suspense in this story hand me sitting on the edge of my seat. I never new what twist was coming and I loved that about this book. This is one story you don't want to miss. Who wouldn't  love a good love story, HOT sex, a good laugh and a bit of a murder mystery.

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N. B. Baker is Iowa born; twelve years ago, she moved to Wyoming where she resides with her husband and children, including their four legged children, Kiera and Jade. She loves to write in the spare time she has after working forty hours in the financial world and playing wife and mommy (a.k.a. chef, doctor, housekeeper, taxi driver, zookeeper, homing device, and much more). N. B. Baker has always believed in the unbreakable bond between best friends, love at first sight, and happily ever after. Please feel free to visit my author page on facebook.
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