Release Day Launch: Legal Briefs by N.M. Silber


Rachel's 5 Star Review~

This is book 3 in the Lawyers in Love series, but can be read as a standalone with no problems whatsoever!
and I would honestly like to know how I've never come across this series yet. This is book 3, that means I've missed books 1 and 2 and god knows how many laughs!
Legal Briefs has it all...great writing, everything moves so smoothly. Super characters, full of life, vitality, sarcasm and double entendres. It was in a word, FABULOUS!!!! and I can't stress that enough.
Adam is so awesome. With his sarcastic witty personality, and those classic good looks.
Lily, a little unsure of herself and what she wants to be when she "grows up". Together they make for a fun, enjoyable couple that reminds me quite a bit of my husband and myself (minus all the money and murdering capers)
This story has it all, love, lust, murder and plenty of outrageous laughter. I was literally laughing out loud while reading. As soon as I finished this one, I had to go 1click the previous 2 books in the Lawyers in Love Series..


Smart and sassy lawyer, Lily Adler, has been waging an epic battle with handsome and cocky Assistant District Attorney, Adam Roth since "the glitter incident" in preschool when they were four. Their friends' marriage, a mysterious neighbor, a federal trial, and some bossy big sisters guarantee they'll be spending plenty of time together. When they try to play nicely, will they discover that their reaction to each other is even more volatile? Can they manage to date without anyone sustaining injury? Can they avoid the mobsters trying to kill them without killing each other first? Find out in Legal Briefs.

“Do you have an extra toothbrush?” I called out, heading for the bathroom.
“Use mine.”
“Use yours? That’s kind of gross.”
“Is the thought of my tongue in your mouth gross too? Because that could have an impact on our romantic relationship.” I guess he had a point there.
I went into the bathroom, washed up, did everything else that half a bowl of rum punch and three glasses of water made necessary, and then contemplated his toothbrush. Fuck it, I was going for it. I brushed my teeth and headed for the hall. I saw him lying on the sofa, punching a pillow to soften it up and I wandered in to say goodnight. Okay, and to ogle a little because he had taken his shirt off again and his body was beautiful.
“Goodnight,” I said trying not to stare. I wasn't succeeding very well and the amused look on his face told me that he had noticed.
“Goodnight,” he said, trying not to look at my boobs, bouncing around jauntily under McGruff the Crime Dog as I moved. He wasn't succeeding too well either, I might add.
“If you need anything I’ll be in there,” I said glancing off toward his bedroom. 
“It’s my apartment, I’m sure I can find whatever I need.” He gave into temptation and let his eyes drop for a moment to my body. “Whatever I need that it would be appropriate for me to have tonight,” he added, sounding frustrated. He grabbed his iPad from the end table, and settled into read.
“What are you reading?” I asked curiously.
“Espionage thriller.”
“Ah, I thought you wanted to read the rest of my…”
“I do, want to read them, but I couldn't handle that tonight with you here and half naked. I might forget my rules about women who have been drinking to excess. Now go get some sleep, because you’re getting me hard again, and if I practice any more self-love tonight, I might get carpel tunnel.”
“You mean you were…” I must have looked surprised.
“What did you think, I was just really hygienic?” 
“I thought maybe you were taking cold showers,” I admitted.
“Hell, no. I don’t waste God’s gifts.”

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