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Hi, I am Book Lover Amber and I have a ? for you
Have you ever read Shelly Crane's book - Significance?

Well check out this site for the trailer and donation options
Amber's take on the subject:
I've read this series before and fell in love with them, and Caleb! :) Jeremy Sumpter (peter pan) is planning to play Caleb and he is gorgeous! Ever heard of a little movie called Twilight? Remember Mike, played by Michael Welch? He is planning to play Marcus! Oh man I can't wait to meet the rest of the cast! It's going to be so awesome! I'm reading the book again right now just because I am so excited!
We have 39 days to get to 200k......WE CAN DO IT!
Ends May 30th 2014

What We Need & What You Get
To make this pilot competitive with the other TV shows, we have been told by our budget expert that 200k would be sufficient in bringing this Pilot to its prime and thus be on the same par with like YA TV shows. However, if we exceed our goal it will be that much better with being able to splurge with special effects. Every cent is used towards the project. Once we reach our goal we will begin immediately with prep and our projection month to start filming will be August 2014. If we do not reach our goal, we will still have that money towards production and begin the journey to find private investors, this however is extremely hard and we will not be able to start filming this year. Our hopes are to exceed our goal to make this the best it can be, to have the fans be excited to see their beloved characters come to life and to proceed to the 2nd episode.
Which leads us to the question on what will happen after we finish the Pilot. We will have a premiere for the fans to view and then sell the series to a network or go in the direction of a web series. 

Thanks for your time and consideration, any exposure of this project is appreciated! - Feel free to share any pictures and links provided in this post.
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