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A body-builder working for a cable company, Shay Masterson, gets sent out on a trouble call to discover who’s pirating the company’s signal. He not-too-gently meets Jagger.

Jagger Holmes, a muscled, bad boy bounty hunter, comes home to manage his elderly father’s recovery after an accident. He discovers someone trespassing in his dad’s back yard and jumps the man. The contact results in sexual heat that’s a game changer.

Two major conflicts brew—how to catch the con man bilking the elderly by selling stolen cable and, more importantly, how two tough guys come to terms with the need to dominate.

Submission will be a deal breaker or a revelation. The men are forced to discover which—or lose their budding love.
Rachel's 3.5 Star Review~

I like a story.  Even in my smut, I like a story and this one just didn't have enough of one for me.  The characters were defined basically by how they look and a love for their parent.  I realize it's M/M erotica, the first completely M/M book I've read, but still, I like a story.  I think I finished this book in an hour and a half or so.  There was a basic storyline, Shay, the hot cable guy finding someone who's stealing cable, Jagger, hot biker guy.  They come together a time or two, catch the guy that steals cable, and then have to decide who's going to be the dominant in their relationship.  It's pretty wham-bam- thank you - well, not ma'am, but you get the idea.
So if you just want a hot sex scene or two and don't mind the lack of complete storyline, or you're just looking for a short M/M story you can read while at the beach, this just might be for you.

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Excerpt One
Shay strode into Rex's office after he'd turned in his truck and clocked out. They'd often shared laughs about who really was the boss, since Shay, a repairman, had a musculature and strength that dwarfed Rex. Rex might have had a more powerful executive position and higher salary, but Shay topped him in every other way—and on every occasion. Regarding himself as a bit of a tough guy, Shay looked and showed it.
"You about ready to blow this joint?" He crossed the thick-pile carpet of Rex's office and flopped into one of the chairs across from his boyfriend. "I'm thirsty, hungry, and horny, pretty much in that order and I want a cold beer, a corned beef sandwich, and you, naked under me, as quickly as possible."

Excerpt Two
I'm tired—and tired of it. Life hadn't been kind to Jagger lately and it started to take its toll. He'd been happier when he'd been on the road. He loved the feel of freedom when he rode with the wind in his face and whipping his hair. Tight, black leathers were his favorite attire for riding, combined with a white ribbed tank and his well-worn jacket. He looked as dangerous and sexy as he felt every time the black leather hugged his cock and his ass. He smiled when he recalled the reactions he'd get when men and women alike got a look at the bulge his fist-thick cock created in the skin tight leather. Of course, he didn't give a damn about the women's reactions—flattering, sure, but not my thing. Give me a sweet, pliant little bottom who shivers in anticipation over how taking me up his ass is going to split him in half with sheer pleasure. Jagger got semi-hard at the thought.

Excerpt Three
Jagger Holmes stood just over six feet tall, all attitude and pure, rock-hard muscle. Ink covered his body, and his walnut-brown hair hung just below shoulder length. When he rode, he'd pull it back in a tail or a braid, but he enjoyed the freedom of it hanging loose most of the time.
Standing at the kitchen sink wearing well-worn jeans and a T-shirt molded to his muscular frame, Jagger took a long pull off the energy drink he used as his replacement for coffee. His deep brown eyes swept the room while he considered what his life had been like before the phone call and how it compared to now. Damn! He'd loved his job as a bounty hunter. He got to travel all around the country and kick the crap out of people—and get paid for it. Nothing gave Jagger more pleasure than taking down some thug or pervert who had eluded the cops—well, almost nothing. Sex topped the list, of course. But to have a career where he got to be his own boss, got to mix it up a little physically, and help clean the world of some of the scum that preyed on others—it worked as his damned dream job.
Then the call came about his dad.

Excerpt Four
Taking a deep breath, Shay simultaneously executed a quick reverse arch of his back, scissored his legs, and bent one knee, getting just enough flex so he could raise a hip and accomplish a roll under his attacker. The element of surprise had been on his side because the man on top of him hadn't expected a practiced move like that, much less the core strength Shay had carefully built and nurtured during all his long work-outs at the gym.
In that one quick motion, Shay had turned himself completely and got a clear view of person who had put him in this position.
Holy shit! He's a goddamned god! Shay's brain registered the surprising fact when he looked up into the most beautiful brown eyes he'd ever seen. The man had been taken off guard, but had recovered quickly enough to grab Shay's hands, pinning each to the ground next to his shoulders. That move brought the attacker's face into very close proximity to Shay's and allowed him to see the gold and black flecks in the chocolate brown eyes.
The man's hair hung like a curtain, partially obscuring his face and tickling Shay's. He gazed down with a look of fierceness that would have struck fear into most people, but the intensity of the man's glare went straight to Shay's cock. In a quick minute, his mind registered the well-defined musculature, the bad-boy ink, the slight sheen of sweat, and the deep, musky odor that emanated from the man above him.
Shay looked directly up into the piercing eyes and reacted in an instinctive and completely natural way.
He licked his lips, smiled gently, and offered, "Hey there, I'm Shay. Nice to meet you."

Excerpt Five
He didn't know why, but it suddenly mattered a great deal to him the man understood what had happened. They each seemed to be victims of a mix-up, with a dash of bad timing thrown in, and Shay didn't want his meeting with Jagger to end badly with him being tossed out the front door, especially after his intense reaction to the hunky bad-boy.
Much to Shay's surprise, Jagger broke the stare and looked down at the sofa cushion next to him, worrying a thread that had come undone. Shay hadn't noticed the furniture showed a little threadbare and worse for wear. The house certainly didn't look like a showplace and neither did Jagger's dad look to be well off.
After a minute or so, Jagger broke the silence. "I'm not lying to you, Shay. I don't know anything about the damn cable service, but my dad's just not that kind of guy—at least he never has been. Over the last few weeks since I've been here after the call about the accident, I'm noticing he doesn't seem to be doing so well financially. His pension must barely be making it. But even then, I can't imagine…" Jagger's voice died off.
He obviously didn't know what else to say. A piece of Shay's heart broke when he heard the pain, the fear, and the uncertainty in the strong man's voice.
Shay didn't think—he just reacted. In one motion he slid over next to Jagger and put his arms around him. The big man jolted slightly, as if the contact and the tenderness represented a strange and unfamiliar happening—but he didn't pull away. Rather, he rested his head on Shay's shoulder—being there, just breathing and being there, Shay decided. And that would be enough…


Parker James is a unique, multi-variant personality who loves everything that has to do with love. Parker lives in Florida surrounded by wonderful friends, a home she remodeled herself—well, okay, paid someone to do what she wanted—and a rescued feral cat. While a published author in other areas, this is one of Parker's first forays into M/M romantic erotica, but there are many, many more to come!

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