Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: One To Protect by Tia Louise

Title: One to Protect (One to Hold #3)
Author: Tia Louise
Release Date: April 21, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Readers are saying…

"If you're looking for a fun, intriguing, and HOT story...this is it!! 5 STARS!" --Aleatha Romig, NYT and USA Today bestselling author of the Consequences series

“Derek is hot! Patrick is equally hot! Put these two hot men together and what do you get?!? Panty Dropping holy mother of god hotness! The gang is back and I couldn't be happier!” —Karrie, Panty-Dropping Book Blog

“Each scene flowed into the next effortlessly… drama, suspense and then a scene that will have your pulse racing and your eyes dilating.”—Daphnie, Bound by Books blog

“5 of 5 breathtaking stars.” –Lisa, Goodreads reviewer

“The sex scenes are hot, and the story is great! The love Derek has for Melissa just pulls you in and you know he would do anything in his power to make sure she is safe, which makes him a new addition to my book boyfriend list!” —Chrissy, Reading Past My Bedtime blog


One scar.
One betrayal.
No escape.

When Sloan Reynolds beats criminal charges, Melissa Jones stops believing her wealthy, connected ex-husband will ever pay for what he did to her. 

Derek Alexander can’t accept that—a tiny silver scar won't let him forget, and as a leader in the security business, he is determined to get the man who hurt his fiancée.

Then the body of a former call girl turns up dead. She’s the breakthrough Derek’s been waiting for, the link to Sloan’s sordid past he needs. But as usual, legal paths to justice have been covered up or erased.

Derek’s ready to do whatever it takes to protect his family when his partner Patrick Knight devises a plan that changes everything. 

It’s a plan that involves coloring outside the lines and taking a walk on the dark side. It goes against everything on which Alexander-Knight, LLC, is based.

And it’s a plan Derek’s more than ready to follow.

Note: Standalone, M/F, HEA.

Daphnie's 5 s Star Smokin HOT, Panty Dropping Review

 I was so excited to get my hand on the next installment of this series.  
I get to read more about this smoking HOT couple. More Derek Alexander *sigh* and Melissa.
  After everything that Derek and Melissa have went through they now have each other. Nothing will stop Derek from protecting Melissa. This is why I love Derek so much he comes off as a hard ass but his sweet, loyal, protective, Smokin HOT, and would do anything for Melissa. All he wants is Melissa to feel safe but I think he just need to feel at ease. The only way to do this is to deal with Sloan.
 Enters Sloan the ass of an ex-husband, who got off of jail time because he is loaded. 
 At the end of One To Hold you were left wanting to know what happen to Melissa and her ex-husbands Sloan. One To Protect gives you that with a whole bunch of sexy.
 After reading One To Hold I wanted more of this couple, sigh and Tia Louise delivered.   
Melissa is finally in a place were she can be happy. Love and happiness will do that to you, and that is what this two have. I loved the chemistry between Derek and Melissa, they had it in One To  Hold and Tia didn't disappoint in One To Protect. The sexy time in this book was unbelievable. Derek was a beast and if I had any type of magic power I would magically slide myself inside of this book.
 Even though everything is falling into place for the two of them. Things will never be ok for Derek until Sloan pay for what he did. In comes Toni and for those who read One To Keep, you know how good Toni is at her job. I don't want to give anything away you just have to read and find out what's happen between this group of people. 
Although everything is told in the POV's of Melissa and Derek we still get Patrick and Elaine. Derek and Patrick have formed a bond between the two of them. We get to see how that bro-mance  has grown between the two of them. Derek can put his trust in knowing Mellissa is protected when he is not there and it was good to see that they has squished their differences. I also just love Patrick and I have a big book crush on him. My heart will always belong to Patrick but after this book I am torn between my two love. Patrick, Derek, Patrick, Derek, I think I might need a piece of both of them .  
Tia Louise is Brilliant at what she does. The flow of this book was like a movie real, each scene flowed into the next effortlessly. You have your drama, suspense and then you have a scene that will has your pulse racing and your eyes dilating.  
One To Protect was just that perfect dose you need to get you by until you can get your next installment in this series. If you haven't started this series yet, go grab your copy of One To Hold and get started.

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Nikki continued talking, but I wasn’t listening. Cold realization flashed in my brain like lightening striking a tree.
Jessica Black. It was the name on the email Melissa had put in front of me that day she visited our offices. The day she dropped a nuke on all my dreams of a life with her, when she revealed my former “mentor,” her ex-husband Sloan Reynolds’s secret double-life. He had high-end escorts all over the country, and Jessica Black was his first careless slip. Melissa had found it.
Nikki was still reminiscing as I spun around in my chair, shaking my computer awake. Fingers flying over the keys, I pulled up all the information I could find on the dead girl.
She’d been living in Baltimore for a year. I wondered if she followed him from wherever they’d hooked up the first time. Why would she do that? Was it possible she was in love with him? Was it for the money? Had he promised her anything?
It didn’t matter. She’d disappeared off the police blotter from the time she arrived there until now, when she’d turned up dead.
Reasons scrolled across my brain of all the possible causes of death, but looking at her beaten face, all I could see was the photo Melissa had put in front of me all those months ago.
My instincts were on high alert. Sloan was getting antsy, and I knew what he wanted. Jessica Black might look like the real thing, but she wasn’t it.
Substitutes would never fill the possession he felt. I’d followed enough of these twisted fucks to know. He was coming for Melissa, and it was just a matter of when.

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Tia Louise is a former journalist, world-traveler, and collector of beautiful men (who inspire all of her stories... *wink*)--turned wife, mommy, and novelist.
She lives in the center of the U.S.A. with her lovely family and one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations...It's possible she has a slight truffle addiction.
Books by Tia Louise:

ONE TO HOLD (Derek & Melissa), 2013
ONE TO KEEP (Patrick & Elaine), 2014

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