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In the space of a few months, Olivia Girardi has made the harrowing journey from the life of an innocent schoolgirl into a world filled with darkness, danger, and raw sexuality. As she fights the most important battle of her life—to save Daniel from those who want to destroy him—she must also come to terms with her near-incestuous love for her father, her sister’s secret, Daniel's innate hedonism, and her newfound independence.
Complements, Book II: A Force of Nature continues the story of Olivia and Daniel, their profound love affair, and Daniel's valiant struggle for his very existence. Warning: This novel contains R-rated material (sexually explicit language and situations).
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add-to-goodreads-button31     MeetTheAuthor Lulu Author Pic FACEBOOK / GOODREADS / BLOG / TWITTER Lulu Astor is a New York City girl, born and bred. She met her husband at a doggie play group in Tribeca in the ‘90s and together they embarked on adventures, moving first to Chicago, where their first son was born, then on to Santa Fe, New Mexico, followed by Los Angeles, Cali. Eventually they headed back to NYC where their second son made his debut shortly thereafter. Beginning her writing career with nonfiction, she began writing short fiction (her first love) in grad school, moving on to longer works shortly thereafter. She wrote the Complements series in 2010, and it was published on KDP in 2013. Three and a Half Weeks was initially conceived as a short story but evolved into a full-length (very full) novel as time went on. Immersing herself in fiction (whether reading or writing) every minute possible, she also teaches writing and literature as an adjunct professor in the New York-Connecticut area where she currently resides. Her books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Goodreads. You can follow her on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter (reluctantly). Teaser
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