Cover Reveal: Shaping the Wolf by Amanda Kay

Title: Shaping the Wolf
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Adult Romance
Release Date: May 20, 2014


Shaping one's future...
Depends on more than yourself...
When you find the one willing to help hang on tight.

Hunter Jackson knows he is a loser. The love of his life is sitting in a prison because of him. When his team raided the home of the Brecken Family, the heads of the Shape Shifters he knew in order to save her he'd have to get to her first and arrest her. He did and now...well now he doesn't know what to do. Explanations are slow to sink in, she's hurting because of him. He kept her in the dark, and he's paying the price.
His father is pushing...
Pushing for Amelia's execution. 

Since she's a shape shifter she's in special chains preventing her from using her powers. He gets alone time by pretending he needs to question her. It works, but he's running out of time. He needs a plan if he fails this will shape the rest of his life. Losing Amelia is not an option.

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