Promo Tour HIS TO CLAIM by Opal Carew

His To Claim #1: No Strings

BY Opal Carew

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Part 2.. 
His to Claim #2: Savage Kiss

Rafe is a rock musician by night and head of a multi-million dollar family business during the day. Melanie is his former assistant, a wallflower who’s harbored a secret crush on him for years. Someone he'd never even consider sleeping with.  But when Melanie decides to leave behind her shy exterior and live out her own sexy bucket list, the two of them are thrown together in a whirlwind affair that pushes both their boundaries.

His to Claim: Part 1 is the first installment in the scintillating erotic serial novel His to Claim, later to be made available as a complete book featuring special bonus material. Don’t miss the other chapters of Opal Carew’s six-part serial out Summer 2014.  She's his to claim--he just doesn't know it.

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Part 2.. 
His to Claim #2: Savage Kiss

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