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Title: Tumbleweed
Author: Julia Bramer
Release Date: April 16, 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance
“Two men were infinitely better than one, an intoxicating combination if I could find it, and my greedy self-indulgence was boundless, my sexuality unleashed those many years ago with him. His shadow haunted me and shaped my obsession, the depth of my depravity deep and forged in the cafes and nightclubs and back alleys in a dozen countries with dozens of men. Once I’d started down that road, I couldn’t stop and couldn’t go back, a dark and insatiable impulse propelling me forward and driving me into the arms of strangers like the Mohammeds and into the sweltering barren desert.” 〰 Haley 〰 Unable to cope with the loss of her first love, a charming and seductive Spanish soccer player, beautiful, headstrong Haley Hanson abandons love entirely. She seeks solace in the arms of strangers and fame, a tumbleweed rolling where the gusts of wind carry her, and she lands between a garbage bin of rotting food and a brick wall. Stuck in limbo and near death. Will love destroy her or conquer all?
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I was awestruck by the mega yacht and the lifestyle. Celine gave me the grand tour, proudly pointing out its lavish features, and she started at the top deck, which included the master suite, four VIP suites, a private dining room, lounge and large verandah. I was given the VIP suite situated next to the master bedroom at the rear of the boat, and May was waiting for me there, my camera case in hand. I removed the camera and immediately starting snapping pictures. The suite was double the size of the hotel room in Paris, and the entire exterior wall, including the one in the luxurious bathroom, had large windows with a spectacular sea view, giving it a light and airy feel and making it seem even larger. The décor was a stunning display of contemporary art deco design with abstract geometrical shapes and bold colors, and it featured the latest technology–flat screen TV’s, a toilet seat warmer and electronic window shades, and the dressing room was equipped with light settings that matched the illumination in the public areas so a woman could apply makeup in the perfect light. The deck below it featured the helm, heliport, a discothèque and bar, large salon, dining room, state-of-the-art kitchen, gazebo lounge and finally the pool, where I was shocked to see another guest sprawled out on a comfy deck chair, and my jaw dropped again. The guest was a magnificent specimen of manhood, his well-built body glistening with oil and his bronze torso teeming with tattoos and toned muscles that rippled into a perfect “V”, and a gasp stuck in my throat at the sight of his generous cock bulging provocatively inside a snug speedo. I glanced at Celine, who was grinning conspiratorially, and my pussy twitched, wanton desire surging through me. “That’s Kostas, your birthday present. You said you like guys,” she smirked. Then he noticed us, gracefully sprang to his feet and strutted to me, smiling a dazzling, friendly smile. “Kostas, this is Haley,” she introduced. His eyes were a striking crystal blue that seemed bluer against his tanned skin, his black hair was thick and curly and cut short, and he was a good six inches taller than me. “You are as lovely as Celine said you would be,” he murmured silkily as he kissed me on both cheeks. There was a trace of an accent, and because of his name, I assumed he was Greek, and my stomach constricted. Kostas, my birthday present.
About the Author
Julia Bramer
From the author of the erotic romance series The Vitamin D Treatment and Side Effects, The Vitamin D Treatment Finale, Julia Bramer turns the erotic romance genre upside down in Tumbleweed. Tapping into readers’ primal fears and incorporating reverse gender stereotypes and recent historical events in an intelligent way, she weaves a complex tale of love, heart-racing romance and sex. Julia is the former Executive Director of a charitable foundation in Colorado and has traveled the world with her husband seeking an understanding of different cultures and gathering stories. Her novels incorporate many of the places she’s visited and people she’s met along the way.
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