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Michael is hot, young Dom who's had his eye on Stella for a while. He's gone through some major heartache and a huge success. Now he finally has the ways and means to get what he wants.

And he wants her.

She's a high paid hooker who climbed the ranks of the business at a very young age. She's always in demand, always busy and makes her money-hungry pimp a hell of a lot of cash. She's his numero uno, number one, top of the food chain meal ticket.

And Michael just paid for two months upfront.

Stella is a hooker. Honestly, truly, that's her profession. Michael takes her home after being beaten, and  she's expecting a round of sex.  I mean really, what else would a hooker expect?  What she gets is a bath, a comfy bed and some TLC. When Stella wakes, she finds out just why she's where she's at...She's become a sex slave.  Not just any sex slave, but the feisty Stella has to learn to submit, and there is no learning curve going on here.
Stella just kills me. She doesn't comprehend the fact that if she does as she's asked, all is well, but she consistently defies Michael's wishes and ends up being punished...ooh, that punishment seems hard to take.  Well, there are some parts that had me drooling, and sometimes I kinda felt sorry for Stella.  Bu
After some scorching hot, panty melting sex, we're left with a little cliffy. Shameless 2 in still in the works and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
Kudos Ms. Heartley for keeping your story super sexy and erotic and not losing the story amidst the sex.  or not making it All sex and no story...very well done!

If you're looking for a short (read in a few hours) sexy read, this is for you. The characters are likeable, Michael sounds like a fantastic teacher, and did I mention some of the scenes are so freaking sexy you're gonna want your significant other (even if it's B.O.B) handy!
I have to give this well written, smoking, spankingly good story

4.5 Stars!



About Amanda Heartley

Amanda Heartley is a writer, born and raised in Oklahoma, now living in the hustle and bustle of Southern California. She's still a country girl at heart with an insatiable weakness for strong, sexy men and feisty, erotic women. Check out her hot Southern Belles series to get you started. The first one Audition is free.
At home she plays Mom, chef, ninja, taxi, and nurse, hanging out with her four wonderful kids and 2 lovable mutts. You can find her drinking a green smoothie, relaxing in the back yard, as she writes another steamy story.
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