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From the moment Peyton Emerson discovered she was pregnant at 18, although scared, she couldn't wait to share the exciting news with the baby's father and her childhood sweetheart, Keller James-who was serving at war in Afghanistan. 

Then a letter came from Keller shattering Peyton's world, saying he wanted nothing more to do with her or her unborn child. 

Or so she thought.... 

Fast forward five years, and Peyton, now 23, is living in New York City with her daughter Ivy, and her crazy British best friend Lottie Carter, working part time as a stripper to provide for them. 

As Peyton and Keller are reunited, they discover the truths and the lies that left them both heartbroken. 


Will she take him back?

Can she forgive him for everything?

Will a chance meeting with the man that left her heartbroken and pregnant, take her back to the dark place he left her in?

Or will they find their love again?

"So you're telling me that you didn't know about me being pregnant with Ivy"? I asked my voice going quite.
"NO! Wait...Ivy? I-I have a daughter?
What would you do if you just found out the you had a child that you didn't know about? How would you handle finding out someone deliberately destroyed the relationship you had with the love of you live? After 5 years both Peyton and Kellen both discover that someone intercepted the letter they sent to each other and changed the last five years foe them .
Peyton's world has fallen apart after her boyfriend Kellen left for war. Then she was shocked to find out she was pregnant and after writing him to let him know she had been waiting for his response. She has never expected to get the letter she received and Ivy was her shinning light. After being so depressed for months after she was born she pulled herself out of her funk. Things were perfect until Keller walked into her life. After they discover that they had been screwed over they had to work through the years of missed time together.
I loved this debut Novel from Amy Muscat, The plot was different then most story I have read. The characters in this story and fantastic I loved Lottie she had me laughing and she was the besties of friend to Peyton. Peyton was a strong independent person, who would do Anything for her daughter. She didn't want to have to depend on her parents or anyone else. I loved loved Keller, he was a Hot alpha, dirty talking, protective man. He loved his girls something fierce and that was so HOT.   
This story takes you on some mega twist and turn that you won't be expecting. I can't wait to read more from this group of friends and read Lottie;s story.
This was a great story and is a 4 star read
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Keller groaned into my mouth and I felt one of his arms wrap around my back and the other slowly move up the side of my ribs skimming my breast and up to the back of my neck, where he grasped onto the roots of my hair, twining his hand in and pulling my head back. He deepened the kiss, pulling his lip from in-between mine and gently bit mine.

I gasped at the slight sting and he took advantage and pushed his tongue in.

Our tongues battled for what seemed like hours when in actuality it was a minute or so. I pulled away gasping for breath, but Keller didn’t once take his lips off my skin. He just moved slowly down my cheek, kissed my jaw, before moving to my neck, where he sucked and tasted and nibbled.

Amy Muscat is a twenty-two year old London girl, a bookaholic, and when she’s not writing or reading, you can find her pulling a pint behind the bar where she works, where she drives all her customers mad talking about people that don't exist.


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