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Spotlight: A.C. Wilson

Author Bio: A.C. Wilson

                A.C. Wilson lives in Abilene, Kansas with her husband, two sons, and their chocolate lab. She loves to be outdoors, playing with her boys and absolutely loves to write.

                The Black Hills Series came from her mother’s idea to use Hot Springs, South Dakota as a home town for the Johnson family. Everything about the Black Hills is enchantingly rugged and of course, there are cowboys!

                Check out her young adult contemporary romantic series. Black Hills Angel (Book 1), Black Hills Blessing (Book 2), Black Hills Rebel (Book 3), Black Hills Secrets (Book 4 releasing early 2015) and Black Hills Forever (Book 5 coming Summer 2015).

Four novellas will also accompany this series as Black Hills Seasons presents the stories of the supporting characters that readers have requested. Watch for them in late 2015 or early 2016.

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Synopsis for Black Hills Angel


Andy Martin is completely and utterly at the end of her rope. She is both mother, father, and provider to her infant daughter, Harper. Her family has turned their backs. Her job is nearly non-existent with her inability to make it there. The lack of sleep and lack of faith in humanity is devastating. There is nowhere left to turn for help. Angels come when we least expect them.

Matt Johnson has lived his entire life in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He knows the value of family, duty, and loyalty. It is quite a shock when he finds a screaming baby and its crying mother in an apartment hallway. Something unexplainable draws him forward and coaxes him into her life. All he wants is to ease her burden and show her that people can be trusted. Love has a funny way of showing a person just where they are meant to be and Matt is in for a wild ride.



~Excerpt BHA~


Andy couldn't define the chaos going on inside her. She felt like she was floating, but her body felt heavy. Her breath was locked in her throat while her breasts felt achy. The flesh along her stomach came alive with his breath on her fingers. Their banter had started a fire that licked to her very core. The intensity of the feelings left her panicked and unbelievably turned on.

Shit! You cannot go there, Andy! You cannot! You swore this would never happen again!

She swallowed hard and stepped back. She thought she saw confusion in his eyes, but it vanished with something very close to relief. It was difficult not to notice the fast pace with which his chest rose and fell. Matt was as amped up as she was. She gave a weak smile.

"I am so sorry. I am a mess, obviously and," Andy shrugged her shoulders, "I have no idea what I am doing." She couldn't retreat far without bumping into the back of the couch. The countertop island was behind Matt as he watched her carefully. She swallowed.

"I can honestly say I understand that feeling. I am a bit out of my depth here too." Matt raised his own shoulders mimicking the same gesture she had made a moment before. His blue eyes smiled gently at her.


~Excerpt BHA~


"We have all night." His eyes focused on hers as he felt the mattress shift under his weight. Andy pressed her lips together and her hand cupped the side of his jaw as he leaned closer.

"We've been dancing around this for quite some time." Her fingers inched up his neck and burrowed into his hair. Gently, but insistently, Andy pulled his face closer to hers. "I want you more than I've wanted anyone in my life. I need you." The last words were punctuated by the nip of her teeth across his bottom lip and then she pressed her mouth against his. His entire body leapt at the words she spoke.


~BHA Excerpt~


"I couldn't have done it without you. You've turned so many things around in such a short amount of time. I wonder what it will be like years from now." She absently tugged on a loose thread from the quilt as she said all the words that came to her mouth. Her brain didn't even try filtering them. Matt's side was quiet for a moment and the huskiness resurfaced. Her entire core seemed to glow.

"Would you want to stay?" Matt's voice sounded sexy as hell, but she still heard the deeper question in his timbre. She lay back on her pillow and stared up at the ceiling.

"Would you want me to?" She questioned him back. She was sure there would be much to lose if this didn't work out. This answer, a real answer would mean all or nothing.

"I can't think of any place I'd rather have you than here in my arms." Ah, good answer. You didn't expect him to ask such an important question on the phone, did you?





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Synopsis for Black Hills Blessing


Garrett Johnson is a sexy cowboy from South Dakota, who curbs any woman’s need for commitment. His relationships are all about the fun; sex, drinking, and companionship. If she wants more from him, the game is over and he moves on. It has been this way since he left his hometown of Hot Springs after high school graduation.

            Garrett is looking for something, anything that might take away the monotonous feeling of traveling down the same dead end path. An argument over the future of his family’s ranch sends him out into the middle of a snowstorm only to be rescued by a dark-haired, golden eyed siren. A captivating woman who could change the game altogether!

            Rayne Randall left South Dakota fifteen years earlier in anger and grief at the tragic loss of her mother. She has only now returned after the death of her estranged father. There is more pain and destruction in this place than any other. She has been cursed to live each day with the understanding that her father killed her mother.

            Rayne wants nothing to do with her family’s ranch. There are no ties here worth remembering! So why did she have to meet a sinfully handsome cowboy who would inspire her to dig for the truth? Assuming the job as her foreman and her friend, Garrett Johnson just might be the blessing Rayne never thought would come.


~BHB excerpt~


Garrett felt the full weight of her gaze. Hungry. Hot. Fucking sexy! He hadn’t met a woman yet who wanted a no strings attached relationship. He certainly had never met a woman as strikingly beautiful as Rayne Randall either.

What would it cost him to get involved with a woman like this? He was pretty sure it would do more than physical damage to him. He was drawn instantaneously to her golden eyes, but the rest of the package was beautiful too. Her long dark hair swept in unruly waves away from her face. Her body was fit, slightly muscular as if she did manual labor every day. He had even noticed that she was average height, just a few inches shorter than he. Garrett swallowed hard. It was impossible not to imagine how perfectly she would fit against his larger frame and how soft her curves would be. He felt himself tightening in response to his ever deepening attraction to Rayne.


~BHB excerpt~


How could someone she just met be so in tune to her mind? The Cowboy had her melting into his hands and soon she’d be begging him to do passionate things to her body. Hell, she’d beg to do unspeakable things to his! Garrett lowered himself to his knees and instinctively Rayne’s fingers interlaced in his dark hair. He pressed his lips against her stomach and groaned as her finger nails scraped his scalp. Feeling that exquisite heat so close to the spot she truly wanted him, Rayne felt her core flex and clench in demand.

Holy mother of all that was good! Garrett’s tongue laved just above her waistband of her pants as his fingertips slid her button free and opened her pants to reveal the black lace panties she had selected. In the back of her mind she had hoped he would see them. She leaned fully back against the wall and her hips thrust forward of their own accord. Every piece of her body and every inch of her skin begged to be touched. She felt his knowing grin against the top of her panties. Mentally she cursed her inability to deny him or better yet, to deny herself.


~BHB Excerpt~


“I think God was punishing me. I don’t deserve to be loved.” She was so calm as she said the words. There was a weariness in her voice that spoke eloquently of a woman giving up. She was defeated and the defeat had hollowed her. No wonder she was angry and closed off. Garrett wrapped his arms tightly around her, hugging her body into his.

“You’re so wrong about that, Rayne. You deserve to be loved and cherished.” His chest felt like there was a heavy weight sitting on it. His throat closed with emotion.

How could anyone think they weren’t worthy of love? How could so much destruction happen to one person?  If Garrett had been in Rayne’s shoes, he would have raged and struggled just as she had. The mess was coming to life and he wasn’t certain how to fix any of it.


~BHB Excerpt~


“I know what I want, Andy. Rayne is the one who doesn’t. Until she knows, I’m only going to be on the sidelines wishing she’d be mine.” Garrett had a hard time accepting that Rayne would figure herself out quickly. They may not have a future together ever.

“What we think will take forever has a way of working itself out. I firmly believe that if it is meant to happen, it will. Rayne was obviously meant to walk into your life. She’s already changed you, Garrett.” Andy leaned against the counter, her elbows parallel to the granite edge. Her eyes held his. “How can you expect to go back to your old life when you aren’t the old Garrett?” She tilted her blonde head slightly.



Black Hills Rebel









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Black Hills Rebel Synopsis:


Nora Johnson-White has been labeled a great many things all of her life, but she has never been able to claim herself as her own. She has floundered as a young woman, desperate to find love with all of the wrong guys. One amazing summer, three unrequited words, and nine months later, her life is irrevocably changed.

Nora is a lost soul clinging to a dream that even her own mind cannot fully understand. How could a woman love one man, say vows before God to another, and maintain her sanity? She might be an outcast. She might deserve the censure. She might destroy precious lives and she just might be a rebel in the making.

Randy White is a good man, husband, and stepfather. For five years he set his sights on the most beautiful creature he has ever seen and with persistence, Randy finally got Nora to marry him. What more could he ask for?

                His heart aches for the gentle touch of her hand and a kind word from her lips. He longs for his wife to even want to be in the same room, let alone the same bed. It is time to convince Nora they are worth fighting to keep. He isn’t sure he can just walk away if she says goodbye.



Black Hills Rebel excerpt:

“Throwing what at you? I’ve tried really hard not to do anything to you, Randy.” Nora’s voice wavered in her conviction. He stared at the woman he still considered the most beautiful and wondered at her being so naïve.

“You don’t have to do a darn thing. All you have to do is be present, Nora. Your scent, your body, your eyes, your freaking voice…it all calls to me. The things I want to do to you right now would blow your mind.” Randy clutched the cushion on the couch in his fists. It was all he could do not to cross the space between them and pull her firmly into his arms.



BHR excerpt:

“Well, at least your husband didn’t catch you in the bath having a private moment.” Nora’s cheeks flamed in embarrassment. She could still see Randy’s intense eyes watching her pleasure herself. She’d considered dying of mortification, but Nora wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

“Oh my god! You’re serious?” Rayne’s mouth hung agape and Andy’s cheeks reddened at the implied words.

“Oh completely serious and embarrassed.” Nora almost whispered as she shamefully hung her head. The girls took turns giggling and patting Nora’s hand on the table. It seemed like it had been a good distraction from what they wanted to speak to her about before she got here this morning.


BHR excerpt:

“I know the ranch has needed some updating, but we all know that’s not why you haven’t been out and about.” Travis grinned deviously at his son and Garrett’s brown eyes widened in shock. It was clear he couldn’t believe that his dad had said that. Randy fought back the urge to laugh, but he couldn’t say the same for Matt. Matt closed his eyes and bowed his head. Everyone knew he was laughing his butt off!

“I can’t believe you just said that!” Garrett sputtered, still in shock. It was a rarity to see Garrett tongue-tied anyway.

“Hey! I was young once too. I’m not immune to a beautiful girl’s charms either. Believe it or not, your mother and I used to be wrapped up in each other just as much, if not more than you and Rayne.” Travis adopted his older son’s cocky grin.


BHR excerpt:

“You were so beautiful, even with tears falling down your face. I thought you had to be the bravest, strongest girl I knew. It might have been too soon to tell you that I loved you then, Nora, but I certainly felt it.” Randy couldn’t believe he was telling her all of this, but now was the time to lay all the cards on the table. He had something very valuable to lose if she didn’t hear everything. He just couldn’t take that chance.

“I was an absolute mess Randy, and in many ways, I still am. I hurt people by keeping secrets. I am afraid I won’t be enough when the secrets are out.” Her voice broke and he could feel her body trembling.




Black Hills Secrets (Black Hills Series, #4)



Black Hills Secrets Synopsis:


Blake Phails is struggling with the loss of his best friend and brother-in-arms. He is desperately choking back the guilt of not dying and now must face the emptiness of the world alone. It is difficult to find peace anywhere and home, well, he has no idea where that even might be. It is not a concept he is well acquainted with.

His mother gave him a picture. There was a date and a town in South Dakota written on the back. Hot Springs. He has made up his mind to go, but there is no way to predict just what is ahead.

Bailey Campbell’s greatest joy is the wide open spaces on the back of her horse, Liberty. There is nothing quite like freedom and sadly, it always comes at a price. Every time Bailey takes one step away, her stepfather reels her back in by using her half-sister as bait. He is vicious and abusive.

It is a part of her life Bailey struggles to keep hidden until a chance meeting with a soldier as battered as she. Following destiny’s guidance, can Blake and Bailey embrace a future without secrets?




Deep, gut-wrenching sobs caused him to choke and gasp for air as he lay curled up on his side next to the freshly mounded dirt. The depth of his grief knew no bottom and even that didn’t terrify Blake Phails as much as going through the rest of his life without his best friend. He opened his mouth swallowing a cry of utter torment as his fingers dug into the wet earth of the gravesite. His loss of a brother-in-arms had created more chaos than two tours in Afghanistan. It threatened to uproot the foundation he’d built in the United States Army and cast him aside like a piece of unwanted rubbish.


Black Hills Forever (Black Hills Series, #5)




The sweetness of beginnings can bind two hearts together forever. The beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota is about to see another such beginning. A wedding of a couple whose love is as unrestrained as a winter snowstorm. Suspicions can be conquered and truths can be proven. Memories can be made and dreams can be broken. Forever doesn’t seem in the future for them.


In an ordinary moment, a life can be altered irrevocably. The Johnson family is set adrift in a sea of turmoil as the unthinkable happens and their father, Travis Johnson is injured. A pillar of their family is fighting for his life and suddenly, the everyday, petty things don’t seem to matter anymore. Lacey Johnson is now the guide that must pull everyone else back on track. It is her wisdom that guides two hearts to the point of no return.

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