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Title: Entwined (The Life of Anna, Part 2)
Author: Marissa Honeycutt
Genre: Very Dark Paranormal Erotica
Publication Date: October 29, 2014

Anna has two masters, one she hardly knows, but who makes her feel safe, the other she's known all her life and says he needs her.
Alex wants her to be free.
Devin demands her obedience.
As Anna takes her first steps into the world, into love, into friendship, she wonders if she will ever understand either of them.

There is a subculture within our own world that you’ve only heard whispers of. The conspiracy theorists wish they knew Anna’s story. What the conspiracy theorists think they know is only put out there to keep them from the real story.

This is not a stand-alone novel. This is the second of five novels that tell Anna’s story.

This book is for grown-ups. This book is not for people who are easily offended, get nightmares easily, or have difficulty reading books about tough subjects. I do not glorify bad things, but bad things do happen to my poor characters. This is not your typical love story. My heroine does not fall in love and live happily ever least not like the typical heroine. There is a happily ever after, but it is a long, painful journey to that end.
Anna’s story is told in five, novel-length books.
This book will likely offend you. This book might make you cry; it might make you throw up. It is a dark book. As my friend, Heidi, said, “It’s dark. It gets darker. It gets even darker, and then it gets even more darker. And then, just when you think it can’t get any darker, it does.”
But, don’t worry. I take you to the deep end gradually. ;)
There are many sexual situations in this series of books. People die. People get hurt. Things aren’t always truly the way they appear to be. The antagonist isn’t just a bad guy; he’s EVIL. My heroine’s worldview is skewed; things that may appall you are perfectly normal to her.
Any violence in this book is non-gratuitous and crucial to the plot and character development.
Do not read this if you are under the age of consent in your country. Do not get angry if the subject or actual book upsets you. If you're reading this, you've been warned.

This book series is about a sex slave. Therefore, there is sex in it. Lots of sex (though I took a bunch out. lol). Other disclaimers: Physical abuse, emotional abuse, physical torture, sexual torture, rape, death, violence, violent rape, gang rape, anal sex, regular sex, violent sex, violent anal sex, sex with non-sexual objects, sex with sexual objects, m/f, m/m, f/f, m/f/m, orgies, bloody scenes, disturbing scenes, scenes that might make you throw up or cry, scenes that make my characters throw up and cry, mindfucks, cursing, drug use, multiple snuff scenes, disturbing rituals, manipulation, brain-washing, people in disturbing situations (duh!), imperfect heroes and evil antagonists doing evil things.

I’m going to start by saying if you don’t like dark reads don’t pick up this book! But for those who enjoy them, this is the book for you. You will not regret one single word in this book. Don’t get me wrong you will be a little mad at Devin, Jack, and the rest of those assholes. If you are one to swear at books, yep you will use every word you know. If you are one to cry, get your tissue. If you are the one to scream and yell at the characters in this the book make sure to get your lemon and honey for your throat. You will hate some of the characters and love the rest, but I will guarantee you will not you will not put this book down.

I didn’t know who Marissa Honeycutt was until I started Enslaved the first book in this series. She is an amazing author and will have you wanting more. Her characters make you feel as if you are living through them. This book is so well developed and put together you hang on to every word. I must say that you have to read Enslaved before you read Entwined. Don’t worry Enslaved is going to knock you off your feet and then Entwined is going to make sure you stay down for the count.

Anna is a very strong woman. She is loving and has a very beautiful personality. Everybody she comes in contact with loves her. Well except the ones that want to use and abuse her. She has special gifts that she isn’t aware of but the unfortunate part is there are others that are aware of her special talents and want to use them for their own personal greed. She had horrible up bring and is trying to make sense of her life. Although treated badly by Devin who is her master she still in search for his love and approval. Devin only uses his niceness to gain leverage her and Alex. Hmmm Alex is her other master but he is so different from Devin. Alex is sexy and wanted to protect her from the world including Devin, himself, and herself. He is in love with her but don’t want to hurt her. Alex is kind, caring and has is own way of showing it. The main thing he wants is for her to live a normal life. The other thing he wanted is for her to fall in love with him without feeling obligated. While reading Anna’s story you will experience ups, down, deceit, sadness, love, and hope. I read this story with hope in my heart. But I loved this story to the end. I can’t wait to read more books by Marissa Honeycutt. Thanks for writing this 5 *****star book. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did!
Enslaved: The Life of Anna, Part 1

Entwined: Life of Anna, Part 2
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“If you do as I say, I won't hurt you. But either way, I am going to fuck you. Here and now.”
She pulled against him again. He wanted her to continue struggling, so she did. He grasped her hands in his and pulled them up over her head. Her back arched and her breasts jutted out.
He unzipped her dress and reached in to grasp her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipple. She whimpered at the pain. It really did hurt, but she could handle it. It's what she’d been trained for.
He pushed her forward and moved her hands to hold them against the wall. He pulled her skirt up and caressed her ass.
“God, what a great ass.” He moved closer and whispered in her ear. “You like taking cock in the ass, Anna?”
There had only been a few times that she'd enjoyed anal, and they had all occurred within the last few weeks.
She shook her head. “Please don’t. It hurts,” she begged. Thinking about the other men, Aaron included, made her heart ache. Having had someone care for her made this situation worse. She stopped acting and her pleas became real. “Please don't.”
He chuckled and moved her thong aside to caress her asshole. He pressed a finger through the tight band of muscle and she cried out, struggling to get away. She didn't want to feel the pain. She wanted to be cared for. She wanted to be with Aaron, not here at this hotel.
“So tight, Anna. Doesn't your ass ever get a workout?” He pushed in another finger as he asked the question.
Tears started running down her cheeks. She hoped he would at least use some sort of lubrication. Even her pussy; she was wet.
“Please don't dry-fuck me,” she whimpered.
“Maybe I'll be nice this time. I wouldn't want you bleeding all over your pretty dress.” He pulled his fingers out and shoved several unceremoniously into her pussy.
“Thank you,” she sobbed, pressing her forehead to the wall.
She heard the sound of his zipper and a moment later her pussy was filled with his cock. He thrust in and out a few times then pulled out and moved to her ass, pressing in without any more preparation than he'd already given her.
He let go of her hands and grasped her hips as he plundered her tight hole. Her fingernails dug into the wall as he fucked her ass hard and painfully. Though she wanted to scream, she held her tongue, except for the occasional cry or sob that escaped her mouth. He didn’t care if she came and she didn't exert the effort to do so.
His thrusts became sharper and he grunted as he approached his climax. Finally, he stiffened and groaned softly as he shot his load deep inside her ass. He pulled out when he was finished and let go of her hips.
Without his support, her legs collapsed under her and she slid down the wall to her knees, wincing as her ass hit her heels. Tears ran down her cheeks. She'd have to fix her makeup before she went back in.

Marissa's story of Anna began with a dream about being kidnapped with Adam Savage from Mythbusters (Yes, really). Over the next year and a half, it morphed into the story you will be reading soon. She has several other stories in progress, one of which is based on her kidnapped dream.

When she's not writing or editing, Marissa is taking care of two young boys, training to be an astronaut, running her household, wrestling with gorillas, playing around on Facebook, promoting whirled peas, and busting her tush for her accounting degree. She enjoys chocolate, air conditioning in the desert's summer heat, really good strawberry margaritas, sleeping, and shopping.

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