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Fallen Warriors Box Set 1
by Rosalie Lario
Fallen Warriors #1-3
Publication Date: November 3, 2014Genres: ParanormalRomance
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Fallen Warriors Boxset


A compilation of the first three novellas in Rosalie Lario's Fallen Warriors series. Each book is approx. 35,000 words.
In a world where angels rule over humans, twelve outcasts dare to defy expectation, warring with their angel brethren to prevent the extinction of mankind. They are The Fallen.
For Love of an Angel (Fallen Warriors, #1)
Michael is one of twelve angels who have been outcast due to their determination to protect mankind. In order to preserve his immortality and strength, he must find a mate with angel blood.
Eva Smyth has never believed the propaganda spouted by the Consortium—the elite system of guards put into place once angels took over reign of Earth—but she never expected to learn the angels plan to eradicate all of mankind, or that she herself is part angel.
Joining Michael means living a life on the run, at war against the angels and hunted by the Consortium. Eva must decide whether to risk it all...for love of an angel.
Angel's Desire (Fallen Warriors, #2)
Fallen angel Ethan has been outcast due to his love of mankind. In order to preserve his immortality, he must find a mate with angel blood...but the one woman he desires blames him for her father's death.
As a teenager, Tayla had a fierce crush on Ethan, her father's best friend. Her love turned to hate when he failed to save her father from being killed.
Battle looms on the horizon, and Ethan can no longer afford to waste time. He must claim Tayla as his...but convincing her she's his mate won't be so easy.
For Want of an Angel (Fallen Warriors, #3)
Fallen angel Aaron has found the woman of his dreams, an alluring nephilim who has no clue what she really is. By taking her as his mate, he can preserve his strength and immortality...something he’ll need in the fight against the angels who seek to destroy mankind. But first he must convince her that he and his Fallen brethren are not the evil beings they have been made out to be.
Samantha Benson has the ability to interfere with electrical signals, an attribute which makes professional thievery the perfect career for her. As if her special abilities weren’t enough to deal with, a fallen angel lands right before her and tells her she has angelic blood. He also expects her to believe the Fallen are really the good guys, and that the rest of the angels plan for human annihilation.
Surely the sexy-as-sin Fallen is lying. But if so, then why do his words hold the undeniable ring of truth?
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About the Author

Rosalie Lario
Rosalie Lario is the author of the contemporary romance series, THE EVERLY BROTHERS, as well as the paranormal romance series, DEMONS OF INFERNUM and THE FALLEN WARRIORS. Rosalie double majored in Anthropology and Classics as an undergraduate student, and briefly considered becoming an archaeologist before realizing they don't actually live the life of Indiana Jones. So what was a classical geek armed with a lot of useless knowledge to do? Become a lawyer, of course!
After attending law school in Florida, she practiced real estate law for several years before finally admitting to herself that negotiating contracts wasn't nearly as fun as dreaming up stories. When not writing, you can find her on a boat somewhere along South Florida's waterways, chasing down a rainbow or pretending to be a pirate.
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