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Title: Through the Eyes of a Female Dominant

Author: Andie Lea


Prepare yourself for this emotional roller coaster! You will laugh, cry, and want to slap the shit out of Ryan Rayner…and his wife just might let you!



Via is a strong woman who doesn't take crap from anyone, not even her own husband!

The newly married couple, Ryan and Olivia Rayner, settle into their lives together and are thrown into an emotional whirlwind that pushes Ryan into seeking outside help from an old friend. As Via and Ryan embark on their new adventure, retired actors Ryan and Melanie Carlisle (Secrets Revealed) enter their lives in the most unexpected way. The Carlisle's have been forced out of retirement and the Rayner's are just the ticket they need to teach them how to be Dom/Sub. Ryan & Via must prove that their marriage is more than just pleasure for the sadistic. As the Carlisle's begin to accept them as normal, someone from both of the couple's past has made an unpleasant return. Via and Melanie are then forced to work together in order to save their husband's lives.

After this major scare of almost losing her husband, there couldn't possibly be more drama in their lives. Could there?

Shortly after saving her husband's ass, Via soon unravels a secret she never suspected Ryan would carry. A secret so wet and juicy that it will leave you so...well...wet and juicy! Will Ryan's exposed secret be the beginning to the end of his marriage?

Set through the eyes of Via, readers will enjoy every moment. They will laugh, cry, and fall in love with the dynamic duo. Via & Ryan's story is guaranteed to be full of surprises that will fill the hearts of readers.

Did I mention the sex scenes are so hot, they could melt the ink off of the pages of Fifty Shades?!



His wrists and ankles were bound by the metal shackles connected to my cross. The mixture of fear and curiosity written in his eyes sent shivers through my spine. 

My heels clanked as I paced against the hardwood floor, smacking the firm part of the crop into my palm.

“I have been waiting to do this for a long time, Ryan.” I spoke, a smirk beginning to play on my lips. “Since you believe I am a sadist, I will try and go easy on you…” trailing his naked inner thigh with the feathered end of the crop.

The alert of his manhood let me know that he was aching for me. Deep down, he had been just as sadistic as me. 

“I will admit…the first day we met, at the restaurant with our spouses, I didn’t like you. I saw the judgment in your eyes about my lifestyle.” My eyes narrowing in his direction. “Now look at you, chained to my cross and begging for my touch.”

I couldn’t help but feel great pleasure knowing that Mister Sexy-Ass and Zombie Wars actor, Ryan Carlisle, allowed his curiosity get the best of him. 

He can say this ordeal is simply research for that little movie deal of his all he wants. The amount of lust he holds for me has nothing to do with his marriage. He loves his wife as much as I love my husband…but sometimes, love cannot erase the itch that must be scratched.

Fulfilling a sexual desire with another partner does not make anyone a cheater or a whore. My husband and I have already made our agreements on this subject. Ryan Carlisle is my Hall Pass and dammit, I’m taking it!

My lips trailed kisses from his neck all the way down to his chest, eventually making my way down to the spot just below his belly button. 

“I love playing with new toys.” I whispered once my lips came into contact with his ear. “Don’t be nervous… this will only hurt a little.”

My eyes quickly opened as I jolted up from the pillow. I looked around the room and my heart was racing like no other.

My crazy sex dream about Mister Sexy-Ass was so vivid that my body shivered. The come resting in my panties was beginning to chill and irritated my skin. I removed my panties to relieve the itch it was causing.

I finally managed to lay back down and watch my husband snore away. I couldn’t help but smile while staring at how the moonlight touched his face.

Yes, my husband can be a total horse’s ass at times but he means well. Besides…I’ve been around horses my entire life and know how to properly take care of a jackass.

Through the Eyes of A Female Dominant is part of a series and Book 1  Through the Eyes of A Male Submissive should most definitely be read first..otherwise, you won't know what's going on!
Ryan and Olivia are trying to find their groove.  Married, happily having lots of sex...and a blast from the past wants help...I confess I was confused a bit, since there were two Ryans, but as that speedbump is rolled over, another looms...
Ryan Rayner partners in a sex club...once Olivia finds out, she wants to go...Could this be the end of Ryan and Olivia?  What once brought them together can tear them apart. 
This book was better than book 1.  You can "see" the growth as an author in the differences, the organization, the wording.
3.5 Stars

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My resume goes beyond author. I have a mini-me daughter, Viola-Charlotte, who is three-years-old with plenty of attitude. My publishing company, Lock & Key Publications, launched this year. I wanted to branch out my skills in the book publishing world. I live in a scarcely small town surrounded by my crazy family. When I make myself take a break from the book world (which is rare), I like to treat myself out to a movie or dinner with friends where I may or may not be chatting about upcoming book projects. :D






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