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All He Wants For Christmas Eve: An Erotic Holiday Story

by Ruby Foxx

Ruby Foxx is the pseudonym of a New York Times Bestselling Author

Some Christmas wishes do come true...

Juliette storms out on her jackass of a date when he tells her he has a surprise for her and then brings in another woman for a threesome. Now she finds herself in the hallway of his apartment building wearing barely anything at all and she can't go out in the frigid Christmas Eve night in this tiny Christmas costume and stilettos.

When Brad sees a beautiful, sexy woman standing outside his apartment banging her head against the door, it's not just curiosity that flashes through him. She's wearing the shortest, sexiest Christmas outfit he's ever seen. But the last thing he expects when she turns around is to discover it's his friend, Juliette.

A friend he's had a hot crush on forever.

When she tells him she needs his help, Brad pushes aside his intense urge to take her in his arms and kiss her until they both succumb to passion. She's his friend and he'll do whatever he can to help her.

When Juliette sees the glowing excitement in Brad's eyes, heat stirs within her as well. From the look of things, it isn't just Santa who's got an exciting package for her this snowy Christmas Eve.

The question is... what's she going to do about it?

All He Wants For Christmas: An Erotic Holiday Story

by Ruby Foxx

Ruby Foxx is the pseudonym of a New York Times Bestselling Author

Some Christmas wishes do come true...

This is the exciting sexy sequel to All He Wants For Christmas Eve.

mmmhmmm.  Most definitely a sexy little only 50 pages or so between the two novellas.  Perfect that Christmas Eve read...which in turn will lead to that perfect little Christmas Eve present for your significant other.
I love erotic stories, long or short, and Ruby Foxx has been added to my "list" and I to her mailing list.  Gotta know when she's got some new stuff coming, because that means I will be too.  LOL...
Seriously though... in only 25 pages a book you're not looking for a big plot, a lot of character development or that big suspenseful twist...but what you will find within these two novellas is a big something else, a lot of sexy character involvement, and a big pounding climax.  So, grab these two shorties, then grab your man by the short n curlies (hopefully nicely manscaped), and blow his mind...along with anything else that rises to the occasion.
Star ratings are over rated...these two novellas are hot n sexy, and Christmas Day...whewww. I give that a 5 just because yeah, she went there, and it sounds fanfuckingtastic.

Warning: This erotic story is for adults only. It contains graphic sex scenes that will thrill and excite you, including oral sex, multiple orgasms, and a whole lot of holiday fun!

The current sale price of this story is just for a limited time.

ALL HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS is a quick, fast-paced read.

I'm Ruby Foxx, the alter-ego of a New York Times best-selling erotic romance author. Think of me as the evil twin. 

When I write stories, they're short and sweet. And I don't mean romantic sweet. I mean the sweet, melting hot eroticism of two lustful lovers succumbing to their passion. 

And when I say short, I mean I get to the point and pound it home. Fast.

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