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The introductions went from there. Mason, Logan, and Sam from Fallen Crest. Logan interjected that they had another friend coming, but she was late. Samantha explained that their friend had to finish a shift at her father’s bar. The group beside them seemed to know them. A relaxed sense of familiarity resonated from the two groups. They were Jesse Hunt and Alexandra from the Broken and Screwed franchise. Another guy was with them, Cord, and he didn’t let the guy beside him talk. Cord explained his name was Jamie and he’d be an ass so he purposely leaned around him and addressed the next group, saying, “Please go on and skip this guy.
They did. It was Sheldon, Bryce, and Corrigan from the Jaded franchise. Corrigan pointed to the guy beside him and announced, “He’s famous. Denton Steele. I’m sure you all know his movies.”
Someone else said, “I loved his last movie.”
Another guy frowned. “Isn’t that Batman?”
“No, he’s the next Spiderman.”
“Oh. I like the guy have currently being him.”
Denton winked at who had said that. “I’ll do my best, but the contract isn’t signed. There’s a new blockbuster on the table. My agent is hoping to sign me with them.”
“Okay.” The chef pointed to the next group. “Keep going with the introductions.”
“Yo. Hi.” A hand shot up. “I’m Brady and this is my girlfriend, Rayna.”
Logan whispered, “She’s adorable. I’d like to eat her up.”
The Brady guy scowled at him. “Try it and you’ll get a fist in your face, buddy.”
Logan laughed. “I like him.”
Rayna blinked rapidly, confused, but shook her head. “I’m Rayna. My grandma might be coming later. She said something about—”
The chef cleared her throat, drawing attention back to her end of the table. “Actually, Viola is here. Your grandma is here.”
“She is?”
The chef nodded and gestured over her shoulder. “She’s in the kitchen. She refuses to leave and insists on making her own special brand of brownies.”
One of the staff piped in, readjusting his apron to cover his pectoral, “She got into the rum.”
Rayna groaned. “That sounds like my grandma. She’s going to be singing Put the Lime in the Coconut pretty soon.”
Someone murmured, “That’s awesome. I want to meet that grandma.”
Rayna said to them, “You will. I’m sure she’ll try and have everyone do karaoke later on, but anyways.” She turned to her left. “You’re next.
The woman gave her a tender smile. “I’m Emma. This is Carter. We’re from the Carter Reed franchise.”
“He’s the mafia franchise,” someone whispered.
Carter laughed, but said, “Former mafia. We’ve gone our separate ways. Emma’s safety was my only priority.”
A snicker came next. “That’s not what I’ve been reading from Carter Reed 2.”
“What’d you hear?” An excited gasp.
“Shit goes down. That’s what I’ve heard.”


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