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Lana's Awakening

Kristin Elyon

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 Book Description
Publication Date: November 21, 2014
Inspired by True Real Life Events… 

Lana Martin had a simple life, uncomplicated by the things that normally plagued her friends. But then terror struck and she found herself the unwilling plaything of a sexual deviant. She is forced to do many things she otherwise would have never considered, the most horrible of all being to take a deep long look at herself. What she sees scares the hell out of her, and those around her. Sex for her is quickly transformed from the mundane to a dangerous way of life. Under his control, she is forced to endure things that would have crushed most people, but somehow she managed to stay alive long enough to be rescued and return to a normal life.

Something dark is awakened inside of her, an unknown desire, an insatiable hunger for a master to use her for his pleasure. Her need for submission takes her down a winding path of pain and pleasure, as she comes to grips with her carnal lust, and her need to have it satisfied. Her captor awoke a sexual beast he hadn’t expected, and no one is prepared for Lana Martin.

Only life would never be normal again for Lana, because she came out of the ordeal with an unsettling knowledge that she had never been truly happy before. The deeply terrifying events she had endured had done something she hadn’t expected; they had awakened something dark inside of her, a lust that could only be satisfied under the protection of a black hood. She found that only in that darkness, could she truly be free from her inhibitions.

When Daniel Morrow, the man who had held her captive is released from prison, Lana’s nightmare begins again, and she fears she will never be safe again. Her life, her future now relies on one man, the man she had once dismissed as unable to satisfy her longing, her former boyfriend Sergio Marsilis. Follow along with Lana as the darkness is awakened inside of her, and then as she searches for the one thing that has always eluded her, perfect sexual freedom.

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I read Lana's Awakening about a year ago, so I thought I would throw my two cents in when I saw we had a blog tour for it!
Lana's Awakening intrigued me from the start. I love dark and twisted...and this most definitely is.
Lana is abducted from work and thrown into a depraved relationship with her captor.
She was eventually rescued...I have a problem with this part though, as we were never privy to her rescue or really much on the detective that found her.
She ends up with Sergio, and she realizes that she "needs" the dark and depraved to even begin to be fully enjoy sex. So Sergio try's his damnedest to provide what Lana needs...but it just keeps getting darker and the mask...eeek that was freaky.
Then you have the detective and his relationship to Lana's abductor...and you have the relationship between Lana and the detective.
I give big kudos for being so dark...and when the story is moving right along, it really is absolutely engrossing.
I give it 4 Stars

Excerpt #1

The thought of asking him to hurry never entered her mind. The wait was hell, but what a delightful hell it was. Her dark prince knew her sins and exactly how to celebrate them, incorporating her punishment into her heavenly reward.
His hand on the small of her back told her he was ready, gently holding her in place with the warmth of a deep embrace. His free hand slid behind her, his fingers protruding past the paddle’s handle, gliding lightly across her skin. The first swat stung deep, sending rapid shockwaves through her body, and causing her skin to tingle ecstatically beneath the paddle. Her legs began to tremble immediately as she allowed her head to hang motionless beneath her.
“Thank you,” she managed, trying to make the strain in her voice sound, at the least, like it originated a bit more from pain than pleasure. But was often a trick harder than she could manage. All he had to do was let one finger slip, and touch her there, and he would know damn well how much she liked it.
A second swat came harder than the first, sending an echoing ‘smack!’ bouncing off the walls before returning to her welcoming ears. Even the sound of the paddle as it quickly reddened her ass caused a barely controllable urge to beg for more. A third swat, then a fourth and fifth came in rapid succession, stealing any delusions of control from Lana’s body, her mouth. She moaned loudly as Sergio applied the wood again and again, any semblance of displeasure lost to her completely. When she felt the handle of the paddle placed into his left hand on the small of her back, she could not hold back the whimper.
“Yes,” she said, knowing he would now know her desire, her appreciation. His finger slid effortlessly inside her aching opening, the sopping sound it made only heightening her desire, her need. A second finger found no further resistance than the first, as he quickened the pace, plowing his fingers inside her again and again. It was only when a third finger was added, that the pace slowed, her pussy tightened around him hungrily.

Ten Fun Facts about Kristin Elyon

1.       I’m 23 years old and have moved 24 times since I was born.
2.       I’ve been to 39 of the 50 states.
3.       I HATE pink and love blue
4.       I am extremely farsighted. (I can only see things close up) and I have astigmatism (my eyes are shaped differently than most people. Think mine are football shaped and yours are round) and strabismus (crossed eye). Those are both big words meaning my eyes don’t do what they are supposed to do. I see blurry things all the time and have trouble focusing. I should be blind but because of several surgeries I can see.
5.       I write words or draw pictures with shaving cream before I smooth it over my legs. It’s a ritual.
6.       When I find a movie I LOVE I watch it as many times as I can. When I hear a word or phrase that is in said movie I begin reciting lines. For Example “Bacon ” I think of the scene in Lord of the Rings when Frodo and the other hobbits are making bacon and make a fire. “Nice crispy bacon…we saved some for you Frodo.. No! put it out you fools…”  I’ve been told it is VERY annoying.
7.       The smell of a forest after a night of rain is the scent of heaven to my nose.
8.       Hot dogs are yummy and I couldn’t care less about what goes into them.
9.       My favorite number is ‘24’ since childhood.
10.   I’m a geek! I LOVE video games! I have the XBOX, XBOX 360. The Wii. Wii U. The Nintendo 3DS and can beat you in Halo and call of duty. 

Excerpt #2

“What do you want more than anything else?” he asked.
She didn’t have to think about that one; she knew the answer before he asked it, in the bath earlier, on the chair in front of Sergio. There was only one thing she wanted, and while she had only recently been able to come to grips with it, somehow she knew she had wanted it all along. She looked back over her shoulder at him and said the truest thing she could remember ever saying in her life.
“I want you to do any and every thing you want to do, without ever asking that question again.”He lowered her until her feet were back on the ground below her, removing his hands from her, and walked around the bench to face her suspended upturned face. Her eyes followed him as he walked, leaning back to watch his face as he approached her again. He was looking behind her, but this time it wasn’t to keep her from seeing his face; he was looking up and down the street to make sure no one had come up behind them. Convinced they were alone, he looked down at her, his eyes locking with hers. Surely, he could see the seriousness in her eyes. She did her best to hold his gaze, the one she had often seen as kind, but was now becoming something different, a truer level of kindness, one which reached past her outer weakness and found the strength inside.
“That’s easy enough to say,” he said, his eyes seemingly searching hers, searching for any hint of regret, for anything resembling weakness. Completely understanding the difference between submission and weakness, Lana smiled.
“So is ‘stop,’ but you will never hear me say it.”
He held her gaze a few seconds longer, then seemingly convinced, stepped forward, unzipping his pants. When he pulled his dick from his pants, she had her mouth open waiting for him. He lowered his pants far enough to keep the buckle of his belt and the zipper from his pants from coming into contact with her face, then gently holding the sides of her head, pushed his dick into her mouth. Lana felt it pause momentarily at the back of her mouth before sliding in deeper. Her uplifted head created a straight line from her mouth into her throat, and though there was some resistance, he had no real trouble getting its entire length inside her mouth. She held no delusion that any prolonged pressure of this nature would turn discomfort into actual pain, but it didn’t matter; she was where she wanted to be, completely vulnerable but in complete control. He held her head in place and fucked her mouth, gentler than she might have thought, but firmly, his pace quickening. His anticipation had been extreme and it was not long until she felt the head of his dick swelling against her tonsils.
He pulled his dick backward, stopping when only the tip remained inside her mouth, and then as a loud grunt came from his mouth, she felt the hot release explode inside her mouth, easily filling it with his salty cum. He pushed forward some, now stopping at the back of her mouth, forcing some of the sticky mess into her throat, while causing some to escape and run down the corners of her mouth. She felt it as it dripped from her chin, while more found its way down her throat into the pit of her stomach, its warmth easily recognizable inside her. He milked the last of it into her waiting mouth before pulling his dick back out into the night air. She tilted her head backwards, swallowing as much as she could, the remainder slipping out of her mouth as she looked up at him and opened her mouth. With his hot jizz on her chin and lips, she looked up at him, whispering the most sincere thing in her heart.
“Thank you,” she said.

About the Author

During the day I work as a senior portrait photographer and a graphic designer. At night I am a writer of DARK erotica and BDSM stories that are guaranteed to make your panties wet.

I'm also a college student who loves Starbucks! I live in California with my fiancé and a doxie puppy. In my free time, I watch The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, and True Blood.

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