Blog Tour & Review: Jake & Jax by Jennifer Foor
Jake Synopsis:
Jake Mitchell has spent his whole life tied at the hip with his best friend and twin brother Jax. They’ve shared everything, except for women, which was easy since their tastes were so different.
From the moment she walked into the room Jake knew she was special, with her flowing brown locks, supple body, and a smile that could brighten any day. An accident leaves her vulnerable and in the arms of his brother. From that moment she’s in awe of Jax.
Jake tries his best to keep away from Reese Miller. He disrespects her and tells everyone how much she annoys him to make sure she stays at a distance.
Reese can’t stand that Jake hates her. She’s determined to change his mind, not knowing he’s desperately trying to protect his relationship with his brother, and his family.
When the two find themselves alone during a winter storm all bets are off, and what happens next could change everything, including the bond between two brothers.



Jake and Jax Mitchell.  Twins, brothers, best friends for life.  Nothing could ever come between them.  Or so they thought.  Enter Reese.  Although Jake sees her first, Jax gets to her first.  In the beginning, Reese and Jake are able to become friends while she becomes more than friends with Jax, but Jake's been falling in love with his brother's girl.  So what does any good brother do?  He starts being incredibly mean to Reese so it's not completely obvious that he's in love with her, ya know, like boys do to girls in grade school.  He plans a getaway weekend to the family cabin so he can work on his growing feelings.  However Jax ruins those plans when he invites himself and Reese along then has to leave for the cabin after them.  Jake and Reese end up at the cabin, snowed in, no way in or out.  

Oh my God!!  I didn't think Jennifer Foor could really top the whole Colt/Ty/Savanna triangle, but she does!  A tortuous story, my heart breaks for Jake and Reese over and over again.  With amazingly hot and well written sex scenes we've come to expect from Jen, it only adds to wanting Jake to get the girl.  Past scars come to light, you get plenty of plenty of chuckles and you see plenty of family moments, the core of the Mitchell/Healy Family series.  Told from both Jake and Reese's perspectives, this is a solid 4.5 star read.  I can't wait to see what happens next. 


JAX Synopsis
Jax Mitchell isn’t the only one with his handsome face, though he wishes that were different. Everything’s changed in a short amount of time, after his twin brother came between him and his girlfriend, Reese.
With the hurt still lingering in every direction he turns, Jax picks up and moves to Kentucky to work on his uncle’s cattle ranch. It isn’t long until he meets someone that not only helps him get over Reese, but also encourages him to forgive his brother.
Can the twins make amends or has the damage that’s been done too much to forget?


Oooohhhh Jax.. where do I even start.  Jake's twin, Ty and Miranda's son.  One helluva cocky man, with every reason to be.  The star quarterback with serious skill, family centric and a seriously funny, if not crude, sense of humor.  He thought he had it all with Reese.  Until he lost his girl and his best friend, his brother Jake, in one fell swoop.  Unable to even be around Jake after the betrayal, he flees.  Jake gives him time, but ultimately comes to mend their relationship.  Going out one night, he sees Amber in a whole night.  You might remember Amber from Jake's book.  She's the stunner from Jake's book.  Their cousin's friend who agreed to pretend to be Jake's girlfriend during the championship game.  Except she's not going to give into Jake's advances.  

So, I think it's pretty much a given that I love anything Jennifer Foor puts out, especially The Mitchell and The Mitchell/Healy series. My personal favorite was the Christmas novella (cracked me up).  Anyways, I digress.  Jenn Foor is able to write incredible tales of family, love, lust, you name it.  After the first couple of books in the Mitchell Family series, you become emotionally invested in this wild, crazy, loving family.  Reading about Savanna and Noah's and Miranda and Ty's kids (Noah, Isabella, Christian and Jake/Jax), is natural and I love seeing the development of the characters.  The sex is off the charts hot, the drama completely gut wrenching and the Jax will make you laugh out loud, multiple times.  Another 5 star read from Jenn Foor!!!









 About Jennifer Foor


Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.
She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart. 

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