Release Blitz, Rachel's Review: Lily and The Beast part 2 by Amelia Jayne

Title: Lily and the Beast 2
Author: Amelia Jayne
Genre: Dark erotica


Lily and the Beast 2 continues Lily’s journey into submission and Aidan’s dark desires.
Aidan Pierce led a charmed life. Wealth, power, the love of a good woman – until his taste for kink triggers a devastating accident that forever changes his life. Now a mysterious recluse, Aidan doesn’t let anyone see what he’s become.
In order to save a loved one, Lily Gray is forced into an agreement that gives Aidan absolute power over her body for one year. Lily has sacrificed her freedom and surrendered her body, but she never imagined he’d take possession of her heart. What will happen when Aidan threatens to dominate her entire life? Steeped in darkness for so many years, Aidan never dreamed his sweet little sub would come to command him with a single smile. Can her love lead him into the light?
Will beauty tame the savage beast, or will his dark desires tear them apart?

*** This is a dark, erotic retelling of the classic fairy tale and contains elements of BDSM. Not intended for readers under 18. *** *** This book concludes Lily and Aidan's story with a HEA. ***

Lily and the Beast part 2
In Lily and the Beast part 1 we found Lily was sold into Aidan's "care" to settle a debt when Lily's father was found embezzling from his employer, Aidan.  We learned of Aidan's "peculiarities" and I'm pretty sure we all learned to come to terms with Aidan's idiosyncrasies and let him enter our hearts.
We were left with Aidan (the Beast) finding Lily's phone and seeing all the pics of Michael...along with her call log. UH OH...and he is pissed!I can't go into too much because it will all leave spoilers. If you're looking for the crux of the fairy tale...the part with all of the angst, emotional upheaval, the culmination of tears, fear, falling and fighting then this is that book.There is always something going on, keeping you flipping pages just as fast as you can!I don't give away the story, no spoilers here, so grab this copy and be ready for all of the conflict, tears, emotional instability, and the ending...another great story
4.5 fabulous stars.

Her tongue darted out again to lick her lips and Aidan barely resisted the urge to dive after it.  “Whatever you think I deserve, you’re in control.”
“You’re goddamn right I am,” he rumbled, pinching her clit until she squirmed.  “So if I wanted to turn you over and fuck you hard and not let you come…”
“Yes, whatever you say,” she panted. 
“And if I wanted to hook your ankles over my shoulders and tongue fuck you…”
Lily let out a ragged moan, her hips bucking, even though he was nowhere near her clit.  “You keep talking like that and I’m gonna come right here.”
Aidan ground the heel of his hand into her mound.  “Don’t you dare,” he warned.  “I’m the one who decides when you’ll come, do you understand?”
Her face twisted in distress.  “What if I can’t help it?”
“Then I’ll punish you again until you learn to control yourself.”
She squirmed.  “That’s not helping.” 
Christ, could he make her come with his words alone?  Aidan was almost tempted to try it, but the temptation of fucking her was too strong.  “You’re a horny little thing, aren’t you?” 
“You’re the one who stripped me and put me on your bed,” she pouted prettily.
“No more talking or I’ll have to find another use for that mouth.”
“I’d be happy to suck your cock.” 
That eager look on her face almost made him laugh out loud, and Aidan bit his lip.  When the hell had he lost control of the scene?  “Quiet or I’ll gag you.”  He made his voice stern, taking his hands off of her and her lips instantly mashed together again.  “Time to take your punishment.” 


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About the Author
Amelia Jayne lives in a cottage by the sea with her two cats and a very understanding husband. When she’s not busy writing smut or reading historical romances, she’s dreaming up semi-healthy recipes to explore her love of chocolate and Italian food.

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