Release Blitz, Review: The Light House by Jason Luke

Title - The light house

Author - Jason Luke

Genre - New Adult, Contemporary Romance

‘The light house’ - A love story.
Art has always been Blake McGrath’s life. Scarred by tragedy, he’s hiding from the world on a lonely beach, struggling with loss and bitter regrets.

Connie is a disillusioned art dealer with troubled relationship issues of her own. Through her sudden mysterious appearance, Blake once again returns to the craft he has mastered to prove to himself that there is hope, that redemption is possible… and that love can last.

A new and interesting read from Jason Luke.
If you've read any of his previous works, toss them RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HEAD because this is SO far removed from what you'd expect, and so good.  Jason Luke writes so eloquently though, anything he writes would be awesome. Reading  The Light House I dare you to feel nothing...his characters and writing are so compelling, I don't know how anyone can read this and not FEEL.  The characters are typical of almost any story these days. There is still you're tortured soul, Blake and the heroine Connie...but I think the star of The Light House is Ned the dog!  What a fabulous "character" LOL.
Learning to heal and open their hearts, Blake and Connie create the greatest of artistic masterpieces.
What a great love story!
4.5 Stars

Jason Luke is an Australian man who lives on the far South Coast of New South Wales with his long time girlfriend. 
Jason publishes a Blog where he posts free snippets of erotic romance fiction every single day. To find out more about Jason's daily Blog, click link → jasonluke

There is also a Jason Luke Fan page on Facebook which is run by a team of dedicated fans. The page is not connected to Jason. It has currently around 10,000 likes. 

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