Release Day Launch: Stepbrother Master by Ava Jackson





Three months.

Three months trapped on a ranch in remote Montana with my mom’s latest husband … and his dark, brooding son.

I shouldn’t care that my new stepbrother’s talent with ropes goes beyond lassoing stray cattle.

I shouldn’t care that his every look says he wants me … but he’s going to fight it to the bitter end.

I shouldn’t care that as the summer rolls on, my fascination overwhelms my better judgment and now I’m dying to call my stepbrother … Master.



“Don’t make me gag you, Emma. Because I will,” I warned. I lowered my mouth to her ear and spoke directly into it. “Unless you’re hoping to attract an audience.”

She didn’t respond.

Hell, I wasn’t even sure if she breathed.

I opened my mouth, about to ask if she was with me, but she replied, “Okay.”

Her lips skimmed my jaw as she said the word. I don’t know if the contact was intentional, but fuck. If my cock wasn’t already rock hard, that would’ve done it. What was it about this woman that took so little to set me off?

Needing to assert control over the situation, I released her nipples and skimmed my palms along her chest, up her neck, and buried my fingers in her hair. Tugging backward, I bent and crushed my mouth to hers again. The taste of champagne and Emma sharpened my hunger to an almost primal ache.

Her hands, even bound, ran up and down my chest, as though she were desperate for contact. They fumbled with the button of my dress pants and tugged at my zipper. I should’ve stopped her, but I wanted her hands on me, and her eagerness made this crazy stunt seem like the best idea I’d ever had.

I lifted my lips away from hers to urge her on. “That’s it, pet. Get my cock out. I want to feel your hands wrapped around me.”


Ava enjoys naughty things. She’s drawn to the forbidden and taboo, and writes kink that makes you think. Raised in Idaho, Ava now lives on the East Coast with her husband, and two dogs.
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