Release Day: Unbroken by Jasmine Carolina

Release Day: Unbroken


Author: Jasmine Carolina

Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

Release Day: May 2, 2015

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To find him. To love him. To heal him. That's all Sabrina Matteo wants. When he stumbles back into her life, she's determined to make sure he stays this time. Convinced that the secret of her past will haunt her forever, she makes it her mission to prove to him how worthy he is of love...even if she's not the one who gets to love him. To see her. To love her. To deserve her. That's all Brody Durham wants. When she fights her way into his heart, he's determined to protect her at all costs. Convinced that the demons of his present will put her in harm's way, he makes it his mission to keep her at arm's length...but that proves difficult when he finds himself falling for her. She's afraid her secret will drive an impenetrable wedge between them, but it's not her secret that threatens to break them both. It's his.
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Her hands come up from their spot on her lap and extend to touch my face at the same time as I look down. At that movement, my heart splits completely in two. Half of it is screaming at me to run as far away as I can. The other half is begging me to stay, to let her touch me, to let her see the real me so that maybe I can become some semblance of a man rather than just the shell of one. It’s a constant battle within myself. Keep her at arm’s length? Let her get close enough to hurt the both of us? Is there any way to walk away from this unscathed? I’m not sure, but I’ve never needed anything in this world like I need her touch right now.
She places both her hands on either side of my neck and her thumbs graze my cheek as she says softly, “What happened to you?”
I look up just in time to see her eyes mist over.
Beyond the obvious emotions—pain, pity, confusion, I see something else. Something much deeper.
Something that will either make or break us both.
There’s a yearning in her gaze. I see it. I feel it. I want it. I want her to want me, and I know she does. As wrong as all of this is, as much as I know this is going to end badly, I know I can’t walk away now. It’s gone too far, we’re in too deep, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of whatever is brewing between us.
She’s a Latin spitfire, a firecracker. Her beauty is unmatched, her mere presence shedding light on the impenetrable darkness that’s surrounded me.
She’s my anchor. When my world is spinning on its axis, she keeps me centered.
And I know without even thinking about it that I’ve fallen for her. Hook, line, and sinker.
There’s a tether between us, and each time we encounter each other, every time we spend a night in each other’s arms, it pulls us closer together. And although I should want it to sever and fall to the ground, I don’t.
I feel the pull between us. I hear her siren’s call. And I decide, in this moment, that I no longer want to merely want to give in. I’m going to just do it, and damn all the rest of it to Hell.
Hands at the small of her back, I pull her toward me. Her legs wrap around my waist willingly as our eyes lock, and everything changes in this instant.
The spark ignites.
And fire erupts.
And we both melt against each other the moment our lips touch. The soft, smooth curves of her body affix themselves to the hard, sharp angles of mine until we fit perfectly, once and for all, never knowing all along that we were the piece that the other was missing. I drink her in, knowing full well that I’ll never have my fill of her. Whatever she chooses to give me will never be enough because I’ll always want more. I’ll always crave more. Agonized gasps erupt from both of us. I’ve wanted this for what feels like so long, it physically hurts to be this close to her. She’s everything I could ever want and so much more. She’s everything I never even knew I needed.
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Connect with Jasmine
Jasmine Carolina is a twenty one year old college student who has been passionately writing from the raw age of ten. It was the love of the Harry Potter series and the Chronicles of Narnia that sparked her love for writing and creativity. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. When she’s not writing, she also has an enthusiasm for books, musicals, travel, makeup, and anything involving beauty, but she loves outdoors type hobbies like hiking and camping, so she’s not afraid to get her nails broken or her hair messed up. Her novels-to-date include Losing Me, Never Let Me Go, and Almost Everything. Unbroken is her fourth novel.
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