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Wait For Me by K.L. Grayson
Release Date: July 23, 2019
Wait for Me, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by USA Today bestselling author K.L. Grayson.
My life is a mess. Literally.
I’m a single dad, which means If I’m not cleaning up spilled milk or changing a diaper, I’m pulling gum from my daughter’s hair. I barely have enough time to eat—let alone sleep.
And women? Forget about it. That ship sailed two years ago along with my ex-wife. My brother says I need to get laid. I say, screw that. I’m content with my life, until pop star Nora Hayes walks through my best friend’s front door and flips my world upside down.
She’s beautiful, famous, and completely off limits.
My life is a headline waiting to happen. Literally.
It all started with fishnet stockings and ended with a baseball bat to boyfriend’s Porsche, putting me on the front page of every newspaper and gossip magazine in the country.
My life is spiraling out of control and I’m ready to make some serious changes. What I’m not ready for is a hunky man to strut his jean clad tush into my life. Grayson Calhoun is as rugged as he is sweet. He’s also way in over his head with his kids, and I have an offer I’m hoping he can’t refuse.
What starts as an agreement, turns to a friendship, and quickly escalates to stolen kisses and heated nights spent wrapped in each other’s arms. What we have is temporary. I promise him that I won’t fall in love.
But I make that promise already knowing it’s a lie.
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Wait for Me by K.L. Grayson is a heartwarming story about how the priorities and things one may want in their life change as you get older.  Nora had been famous since she was just a child, known for staring in a sitcom.  Yearning to change from the "little girl" image that carried into her adult life, Nora took a stance when she found her boyfriend, who she thought she was in a serious relationship with fell apart before her very eyes, and it is then that she discovered there was nothing real about their relationship at all.  Nora needs time away and she goes to stay with her brother and his wife when she meets Gray, a sexy single father raising three amazing and funny children on his own and struggling to ask for help when he needs it.  Nora spends the summer with Gray and his children, finding a purpose she never had before along with the ability to be anything other than the famous "little girl" she has been all of these years.  A friendship that turns into so much more, Nora has to learn how to juggle this new "normal" life while Gray is forging into the territory of dating someone who is famous and the exposure that brings to both him and his children.  When Nora's fame exposes things that Gray has long since buried, it becomes unclear if the love that Nora and Gray have can withstand the fame that comes along with her.

I loved this story and could not put it down!  4 stars

What is all of this?” she asks, flipping through the pages of my chicken scratch. “Ideas from Marnie.” “Who’s Marnie?” “The manager I spoke with. Keep up, Jessa.” “Sorry. Tell me about her.” “There isn’t much to tell. She was nice. We talked about what went wrong with Becky, where my career has been, and the direction I want to take it. And get this, she outlined a plan for making it happen. We video conferenced for almost three hours, and I’m really impressed with her.” “So, what happens now?” “I told her I’m not ready to go back to LA, and she agreed. I’m going to spend the summer working on some of my own songs for the next album. She’s going to talk with the music execs and make sure they’re on the same page as us.” “And if they’re not?” “Then we’ll go somewhere else. They aren’t the only label in town. Anyway, Marnie thinks it’s a good idea to lay low after what happened with Todd—let the media interest die down while she works on putting our plan in motion, and when I go to Todd’s premiere, Marnie and I will meet in person.” “You still have to go to Todd’s premiere?” I groan and drop onto the bed beside Jessa. “Unfortunately.” “That sucks.” “It is what it is. I shouldn’t have bashed the hell out of his Porsche or stolen his BMW, although it felt great. Lesson learned. Next time I’ll beat up the guy, not the car.” “Let’s hope there isn’t a next time. I thought your brother was going to lose his mind when you called and told us what happened. He was ready to hop a plane and hunt Todd down.” I smile at the thought. Nick isn’t a fighter, but I know he’d go head to head if it meant protecting Jessa or me. “Thank you again for letting me crash here.” “Stop thanking us. You’re family. This is your home too.” I rest my hand on hers and squeeze it gently. “Love you, Jessa.” “I hate to break up the chick fest,” Nick says, appearing in the doorway, “but I’m starving.” “What are you doing home from work?” I ask. “Didn’t you hear me? I’m starving. I was hoping one of you would make me lunch.” I give Jessa a nudge. “He’s your husband.” Nick holds out his hand and pulls Jessa into his arms. The way they look at each other, with stars in their eyes, is absolutely adorable, and also a little disgusting. They kiss, and Jessa melts. I want what they have. When Nick deepens the kiss, I throw a pillow at their heads. “Can you take that into another room, please?” The two lovebirds laugh and stumble out, but the giggling doesn’t stop. I hear another door shut and then a thump, followed by a moan. I cover my ears and flop back on the bed. This is going to be a long summer.
About K.L. Grayson
K.L. Grayson resides in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO. She is entertained
daily by her extraordinary husband, who will forever inspire every good quality she
writes in a man. Her entire life rests in the palms of six dirty little hands, and when the
day is over and those pint-sized cherubs have been washed and tucked into bed, you can find her typing away furiously on her computer. She has a love for alpha-males,
brownies, reading, tattoos, sunglasses, and happy endings…and not particularly in that
Connect with K.L. Grayson

Crossover Blitz

It's time for a CROSSOVER! The Charon MC and Satan's Knights MC will never be the same... Losing Bash by Khloe Wren and Rite of Passage by Janine Infante Bosco are coming September 22nd!!!

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Life has never been easy for Jake “Bash” Alfonsi, but he’s always found a way to survive. Even when his father gave into his PTSD demons and took his own life just days before he turned twenty-one, he got through it. He even managed to go on and find a few slices of happiness in his life. But this latest hand life dealt him is his hardest challenge yet. Will Bash be able to rise once again, or will he get lost in his pain forever?
When I was nineteen, I left Texas and my dysfunctional family behind, and I haven't looked back. Life was good for a while. I joined the Satan's Knights motorcycle club and immersed myself in art. The kind of art that requires a gun and a body as a blank canvas. But all good things must come to an end, and I soon found myself as a single father, struggling to find my place in a new charter. Now my estranged mother wants me to come home, which means facing my past. And that doesn't just include my family. It also includes the childhood friend I left behind. All grown up and pissed as hell, Bess is giving me one hell of a cold shoulder. I'm not the Ryan Perry she remembers, and she sure as hell isn't willing to get to know Needles, the man I am now. With her fancy clothes and her holier-than-thou attitude, she's creeping under my skin and filling my head with impure thoughts. I need to get back to New York before I get hooked on something I'm not supposed to have, or worse, start believing that this is my Rite of Passage.

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Catching Sin by J. Saman Excerpt and Giveaway!

Today we have the blog tour for J. Saman’s Catching Sin! We are so excited about this fantastic release—check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Catching Sin

Author: J. Saman

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Suspense

About Catching Sin:

Maddox must be willing to risk his life if he wants to save mine.   I was under the devil’s thumb with no end in sight. A play thing. A toy. A treasure easily forgotten. Until Maddox Sinclair stepped into my club and made me promises even my tattered heart couldn’t refuse. Sexy, arrogant, strong and brave, he fears no one and fights for everyone. I should know better than to trust him. Half the time we want to rip each other’s clothes off. The other half we’re at each other’s necks. But my devil isn’t easily thwarted. He started this game with a master plan–one that makes me his ultimate pawn. Deals have been made. Lives are at stake. And when he finally comes for me, there is no escape.

Grab Your Copy Today:

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Catching Sin ~ Copyright J. Saman 2019

He’s still staring at me, waiting for my reply to his offer for dinner, but suddenly, I’m not all that hungry. Well, not for food.
Unbuckling my seatbelt, I climb across the center console and into his lap, straddling him again, which seems to be my signature move where he’s concerned. Our clothes are soaked, my pants and shirt practically fusing to his.
“What are you doing?” he grinds out, his hands sliding to my hips, his head dropping back against his seat so he can take me in.
I look into his eyes, which isn’t all that easy in the darkness of the car. My back is shielding him from the glow of the dash and navigation and outside it’s a wild monsoon. But I can just see him enough and what I see . . . “I’m looking into your eyes, Mister Sinclair. Checking to see just what sort of man you are.”
The flash in his eyes tells me he remembers the first time I spoke those words to him in the back of the town car. “And what’s your verdict?”
“That you’re strong enough to fight your own battles and smart enough to win them.”
“What does that mean?”
“That I’m done fighting this.” My fingers rake through his short hair and I lean in, pressing my lips softly to his. I’ve never done this before. Never initiated a kiss. Hell, I’ve only ever kissed two boys in my life and that last one was when I was sixteen. That time didn’t end well for me. I’m hoping this is different. Maddox freezes, his body tensing and his hands clutching my hips just a bit harder. “Kiss me back, Maddox. Don’t make me beg you for it.” I will. I want this that badly.
“Fuck,” he growls, his face tilting to deepen the kiss as he tugs on my hips, pulling me closer into him. His lips part mine, his tongue sweeping in, devouring every inch of my mouth.
I surrender. I give in to him completely. Allow him to lead and consume me with his hands in my hair and up the back of my shirt. With his hard cock pressing against my most sensitive area, shooting sprays of electricity throughout my body.
I cup his face, loving the hint of roughness from his stubble against my palms, as I grind forward against him. I may be brand new at this. I may have never done anything more than kiss a guy, but I know how to move my body. I was taught by the best. And judging by the sounds slipping past his lips into mine, I’m doing it right.
We fit together so well. So perfectly aligned. This is it. This is what I’ve been waiting for. All that angry passion between us bubbling beneath the surface explodes. We’re a mess. Wild and frantic. Teeth and hands and moans and tongues. It’s kissing the way I always imagined it would be. Full of unrestricted passion. I lose track of how long we kiss like this. It’s hours and days and I never want it to stop. He’s learning every inch of my mouth. Memorizing the way the brush of his tongue against mine makes me whimper. How the press of his lips against mine makes me dive in for more. Maddox is my drug. He’s my high. And I never want to come down.
“Isabel,” he groans against me, his arm snaking up the back of my shirt, his hand reaching out of my collar to grip my hair. He tugs down, forcing my head back, my neck to arch. His tongue glides up the column of my neck, nipping at my flesh as he goes. I shudder and shake, pressing his face deeper into me. “We’re playing with fire,” he breathes against me, causing gooseflesh to erupt in his wake.
“What’s the matter, Maddox? Afraid of getting burned?”


About the Author:

J. Saman loves all types of novels, but finds herself always going back to writing/reading romances. She's addicted to Diet Coke and sour candy, and swears way too much. She's an admitted lover of picking at old wounds, second chance romances, love triangles and the perfect amount of angst . She writes smart, strong women and sexy alpha (slightly nerdy) men who have a softer side.

Connect with J. Saman:

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Five Dates Only by RL Kenderson Blog Tour with Rachel's Review

Title: Five Dates Only 
Author: R.L. Kenderson 
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic 
Comedy Release Date: July 23, 2019 
Photographer: Wander Aguiar 
Cover Model: Zack Salaun 
Cover Designer: R.L. Kenderson 

What do you do when your best friend’s guy cheats on her? Help her get revenge, of course. Getting caught by his brother isn’t part of the plan. The brother’s price for not turning us into the cops? I pretend to be his girlfriend to help him close a business deal. I’d rather go to jail than play the part of Caleb Stanton’s latest conquest, but my friend has been through enough.
What do you do when your boss won’t sell you his store because he thinks you’re a flight risk? Produce a girlfriend, of course. Blackmail wasn’t normally my thing, but I’ve got less than twenty-four hours. I’d rather extort Sloan for a date or two than disappoint my boss. We agree to a fake relationship in return for silence. We agree to act like we care about each other. We agree to five dates only. But we don’t agree to what happens next. And we certainly didn’t agree to falling in love.

Tweet: #BlogTour Five Dates Only By @rlkenderson Buy this #RomanticComedy at your favourite retailer #Books2Read #ContemporaryRomance #BAPpr @BuoniAmiciPress


What a cute story coupled with cute characters and a fun storyline.
Caleb and Sloan have a "whirlwind" fake relationship going on. Of course you know how things are gonna fall, but the journey along the way is filled with fun, games, blackmail, and great sex!
These two ladies always bring a good story and their sexy is so good.
I loved the witty banter and thier fake relationship. The storyline was well written and the characterization was perfect. A trope I've not read much of, I thoroughly enjoyed Five Dates Only and can't wait for the next story these two think up!
4 wonderfully engaging stars

R.L. Kenderson is two best friends writing under one name. Renae has always loved reading and in third grade wrote her first poem where she learned she might have a knack for this writing thing. Lara remembers sneaking her grandmother’s Harlequin novels when she was probably too young to be reading them, and since then she knew she wanted to write her own.
When they met in college, they bonded over their love of reading and the TV show Charmed. What really spiced up their friendship was when Lara introduced Renae to romance novels. When they discovered their first vampire romance, they knew there would always be a special place in their hearts for paranormal romance. After being unable to find certain storylines and characteristics they wanted to read about in the hundreds of books they consumed, they decided to write their own.
One lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and the other in the Kansas City area where they’re a sonographer/stay-at-home mom/wife and pharmacist/mother by day, and they’re a sexy author by night. They communicate through phone, email, and whole lot of messaging.

Release Blast: Dirty Flirty by Piper Rayne

He’s the arrogant Manhattan realtor with billboards advertising his six-pack more than his expertise in negotiations.

I’m the competing broker who stupidly moved across the hall from his office.

From day one, I’ve been his sworn enemy. Okay, so I might have accidentally stolen one of his clients. Well, is it stealing if the client comes to me?

Even our vicious banter and loathing gazes can’t hide the chemistry between us. Who can blame me? He has enough charisma to make every hot-blooded woman in the city melt with a single word.

Just when I think a mutual respect could be born between us, the biggest developer in the city offers us an opportunity that pits us against each other.

Time to forget Carmelo Mancini’s dreamy eyes and tight abs.

Game on.



I am loving the Mancini Brothers!!!!  If you loved Enzo and Annie's story then there is no doubt that you will adore Carm and Bella!  Who doesn't enjoy a good love/hate relationship in a romance?  I know that I sure do, as it makes the angst even more interesting!   With real estate rivals Carm and Bella having office across the hall from each other, readers know that this story will be filled with battles for who is the better agent, who get the deal and of course the possibility amidst all of that, who will fall for the other first.  In true Piper Rayne fashion, it was requested that no spoilers be given in the reviews and I always follow the request because the stories that these girls conjure up are so amazing, funny, witty and lovable that each reader needs to feel the characters for themselves without any preconceived notions or ideas.  The banter between Carm and Bella will have you laughing out loud one minute and wanting to throw your kindle across the room the next.  And don't forget the funny and present Max, assistant to Bella and the loyal Justin assistant to Carm who make this story even more interesting.  

The White Collar Brother's Series is a Must Read!  I am on pins and needles waiting to read Dom's story next.

4 stars

Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have "Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle" ( caught us, that's our tagline). A little about us... We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We're both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We're both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

Extracting Mateo by T.L Reeve & Michele Ryan Blog Tour

 Noah Hanover doesn’t mix business with pleasure—ever. His relationship and subsequent marriage to Mateo Aquino, hasn’t even been a blip on his team’s radar. He enjoys the peace and quiet when he’s able to come home to his husband and telling anyone would destroy his secret double life. High school history teacher, Mateo Aquino, loves his job and his kids and is always willing to help anyone in need. When a man approaches him appearing lost, Mateo is thrust into the middle of a war he had no idea was happening around him. In order to save Mateo’s life, Noah must expose the one thing he liked to keep tucked away—his marriage. With the help of Noah’s teammates, John “Tex” Keegan, and two temporary new recruits for R.O.O.T: Scotty “Ears” Reisner and AJ “Two Hands” Hoover, Noah will set out to find his husband. However, when the suspect escapes, Mateo and Noah are thrown into a new reality where Noah’s job is exposed, and the things Mateo took for granted are destroyed. Can Mateo accept Noah’s double life? Will Noah be able to track down Mateo’s kidnapper before he strikes again? Or, are they once again, running out of time?
The door to the examination room opened, and there stood Noah. He’d removed the paint from his face, but his clothes were the same. Mateo didn’t know this man. Yes, it was his husband, yet not. He raked his gaze over Noah. He always appreciated his muscular body. Always enjoyed the hard lines and the way his lover cradled Mateo’s body to his. He figured Noah had a gym fetish or had seen Mateo’s admiration and continued to go to please him. The corner of Noah’s mouth kicked upward. The bastard. He should hate his husband. “I see Doc Rae got you fixed up.” Mateo sniffed as he slipped off the table. “Shouldn’t have had to.” The cocky expression on Noah’s face disappeared. “You’re absolutely right.” Noah brought one of his arms out from behind his back. “We found this while clearing the building. Thought you could use it.” His bag with his initials emblazoned on the front—a present from Noah after he’d graduated with a Master’s in history and found his first teaching position. The well-worn leather satchel went with Mateo everywhere. It was like a security blanket of sorts. A way to keep a piece of Noah with him, even when his husband wasn’t home. “Ev-everything’s inside still?” Noah nodded. “Computer screen is trashed, but the hardware is still intact. Scotty and AJ are working as we speak to get the hard drive into one of our heavy-duty laptops. Your notes and paperwork from your students are still there as well. I-I couldn’t find your glasses though.” “I can get those,” Rae said. “As long as you can tell me who your optometrist is.” “It’s Dr. Gibbs at Virginia Beach Optical,” Mateo replied. “Perfect. I’m sure Asher can get them expedited to you.” Mateo let out a breath of relief. “I am still furious with you.” Noah held up his hands. “He good to go, Doc?” She nodded. “He is. I gave him instructions for tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll check on the stitches—see how he’s mending.” “Thank you,” Noah said. “I appreciate it.” “You’re both welcome, she replied then hesitated. “Spit it out,” Noah grumbled. “Nothing,” she stated. “Mateo, remember to keep your stitches moist.” “I will.” “And, Noah?” “Yeah, Doc?” Noah glanced at her. “Be gentle,” she said while grabbing something out of the drawer beside her. “Also, be safe.” He cocked a brow as she closed the distance between them. “Always, Doc.” She placed several foil packets into his hands, and Noah roared with laughter before leaning into Mateo, who stared at the packaged disks in his husband’s hands. “Should you tell her, or should I?”

  TL Reeve: TL Reeve, a best-selling, multi-published author, was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in Alabama, TL misses Los Angeles, and will one day return to the beaches of Southern California. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie.
  Michele Ryan: Michele Ryan is an author with Decadent and After Glows Publishing. She embraced her creative passion and co-authored several books with fellow author TL Reeve. Michele has also published two solo novellas. Michele is a lifelong resident of the state of New Jersey, along with her husband and three children, whom she refers to as her hobbits. When Michele is not plotting or writing, she can be found either volunteering at her children’s school or reading.
TL Reeve
Michele Ryan
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