Rachel's Week Recap! with Velvet Cruelty by Eve Dangerfield

Velvet Cruelty by Eve Dangerfield is now live!

Once upon a time I was promised to a powerful man. I know my duty. But on my wedding day, I'm stolen by four men. Men who loathe my fiancé. They're going to use me to fulfill their vendetta.

One of them only wants my body.

One of them wants me as his wife.

Another one offers freedom... at a price.

And the last wants me dead.

I was raised to be a good society wife. Now I'm facing a battle of wits and breathless desire. My only hope is to set aside my innocence. Or learn to use it as a weapon.

Author's Note: VELVET CRUELTY is a scorching romance between a woman and four beautifully dangerous men in which she never has to choose. Read at your own discretion.

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I didn't know this was a series...or trilogy... or anything other than a one and done. Not saying it's a bad thing, as I LOVE a series and a good cliffhanger. So for all of you cliffhanger haters...you may want to wait until whatever this is is finished.
 This is a first read for me by this author. I jumped on the "read a new to me author" bandwagon this year and try to pick one a month.
   The is a dark and dirty, rude and crude erotically charged reverse harem. It's sexy AF and done in such a way to grab the reader and not let go.
  These four main men are really well written. I love how each has their own dangerous and demeaning characteristic. How each one can be scary and enticing at the same time.
 January is a bit clueless, and that's part of the charm. Part of what makes this story as enticing as it is. She's that trusting, silly little girl that is so appealing to the foursome that wants to debase and humiliate her at every turn. That wants to take that pretty little princess sitting on a pedestal and make her their dirty little whore. That IS the point.
  If you're still not sure it's for you... there are triggers.
 Kidnapping, humiliation, coercion, drugging, duress, dub-con... the list goes on.
  You know when the cliffy is coming. You know basically HOW the book is going to end...and that you'll be left wanting MORE!
  If you can read a story and realize it's a work of fiction and ABSOLUTELY not meant to be "realistic" and you like the triggers.. well then pick this one up and enjoy the ride. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!
 Totally enjoyed this read and can't wait for Silk Malice!

4 Stars

Meet Eve

Eve Dangerfield has loved romance novels ever since she first swiped her grandmother's paperbacks. Now she writes her own stories about complicated women and gorgeous-but-slightly-tortured men. Her work has been described as 'genre-defying,' 'insanely hot' and 'the defibrillator contemporary romance needs right now'...and not just by herself or those who might need bone marrow...OTHER PEOPLE! She lives in Melbourne with her boy and a bunch of semi-dead plants. She can generally be found making a mess.

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