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Secrets Unveiled blurb (Secrets, 2)

In this second and final installment, Jaxon and Courtney are forced into a world of more secrets. Some have been harbored from within, some are unknown, and some or just forming. When the truth finally does come out, will their fragile love for one another be strong enough to hold, or will the weight of deceit break the string that tethers them together?

Toxic Secrets blurb (Secrets, 1)

Secrets are meant to be kept, but sometimes those unspoken words can become toxic - destroying you and the ones you love.

Seventeen year old Courtney Peterson always thought her future would consist of marrying her high-school sweetheart, becoming a stay-at-home mom, and living a happily ever after. All that changes when she finds out the boy who stole her heart three years ago resorts to cheating. Ending that relationship will be harder than she could imagine, but she is determined to move on, agreeing to go on a blind date with the older and cryptic Jaxon.

Jaxon Vaughn blazes into town for a short visit, taking steps down a new path in life. After facing unexpected tragedies at a young age and turning to self-destruction, he aches to redeem himself by opening a bar in his grandmother’s hometown. It is there he meets the pure and soulful Courtney, whom awakens the guilt that dejectedly haunts him.

Distance and circumstances may separate them, but they are unable to ignore the chemistry that draws them together. Can their relationship survive, or will it be shattered by clingy exes, mysterious phantoms from the past and unforeseen misfortunes?

Desiree's 4 Star Review

This book was a definite emotional roller-coaster. It is full of angst, heartbreak, misunderstandings, addiction and dependency issues. 

Jaxon is a twisted young man with a haunting past. After losing everyone he's ever loved, he's battled addictions. He has a couple of trusted friends that keep trying to set him on the straight and narrow to save him from himself. While on a previous trip out of state, Jaxon falls for the young and beautiful Courtney. 

Courtney is young and in a precarious situation. She has just left a troubling relationship, but can't be completely free of it yet. Meanwhile she meets Jaxon and has learned what love really feels like. With her previous relationship hanging over her like a death sentence, she is left with no other choice but to push Jaxon away.

After going through hell, Courtney has been freed and wants to go after Jaxon. When she flies across the country, she never prepared for what she would find. Jaxon has slipped off his straight and narrow and fallen into an ugly repeat of his past. Jaxon has been self medicating in every way he can and Courtney doesn't know how to handle it all. It doesn't help when someone sends Courtney some heartbreaking background info on Jaxon that blows her mind.

After Courtney and Jaxon both battle through hell, can they find their way back to each other and make a go of their young love? Find out in Secrets Unveiled!  


Jill Patten was born a Yankee, but raised a southerner. She lives in the small town of Mayberry, North Carolina which was made famous by a popular TV show back in the sixties. (Maybe there will one day be a statue of her at the end of Main Street. Ha! A girl can dream, right?)

Jill has always loved to read, even during reading labs in middle school for reading comprehension. Judy Blume was her first author she hero-worshipped, maturing to revere the works of Stephen King. With all the fantastic authors today, she simply cannot choose a favorite. Her taste is very eclectic and she loves almost all genres. When she's not captivated by her fictional characters, she spends time with her sweet husband and two beautiful children.

Music is her muse. Jill also loves elephants, sarcasm, and anything made with sugar, especially sweet tea. She enjoys all things rude and crude and laughs at stuff she probably shouldn't. She has been accused of being bossy a time or two, but doesn't really see it herself.

All in all, Jill is just a small town girl in this great big world trying to enable your book addiction.





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Tears pierced the back of my eyes like tiny needles and I quickly turned away. The gravity that had been holding me prisoner finally released its grasp, and I quickly made my way to the exit. The door latched behind me with a loud clicking sound, but I didn’t care. I had to get out of there.

With full-force, I ran down the beach, and didn’t stop until my legs could no longer move. There was no more energy left in me, and it caused me to fall onto the cool, gritty sand. There was no point in stopping the tears; I let them flow freely, I needed to get it all out. I needed to get him out, remove him from my system like he had apparently done me. To know how quickly he had moved on was gut-wrenching.

Curled up into a ball, I laid there in the sand and sobbed until my cries turned into hiccups. He had told me I helped him to remember what it felt like to fall in love again, but how did you feel that way then screw some other girl so soon after?

A little over a month. That was all it took for him to go back to his man-whore days. Was it really fair of me to judge him? Who was I to be mad? I was after all the one who pushed him away.

“I don’t know what you’re doing here, but you need to turn your ass back around and go back to where you came from. Nobody wants you around here. You’ve caused enough trouble.”

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