Blog Tour, Rachel's Review: Watch by Bethany James

Title: Watch
Series: Watching Serial #3
Author: Bethany James
Genre: Erotic Romance Serial
Release Date: January 19, 2016

“Do you like to watch?” He whispers this question into my ear as he tugs my thong to the side. 

I don't answer him, but stay there in the shadows, and watch the couple in the VIP room. I can't look away. Watching them is turning me on more than anything ever has before. 
Do I like to watch? 

Rachel's Review~
Damn, this series has been so freaking hot.  I mean like panty drenching, thigh clenching, find your significant other as soon as you finish reading!!!  Oh wait...that's what I did anyways. LOL
We've watched Elle and Drew in book one. In book two Jack and Celia consented to letting Drew and Elle watch them.  That didn't go over so well.  Jack really didn't care for it, and he really only went with it because Celia wanted to.  What comes next?  I would say ménage...maybe a foursome...maybe even an orgy...although I would think only three or four since it's really mostly Jack and Celia, and then Drew and Elle.  Surprise...we get to meet Jack's family in Arizona...and Jack has a surprise for Celia.  And it a sexy surprise...Bliss.
I'm not letting the cat out of the bag, let me just say this was phenomenally hot.  I see so much of myself in Celia...unfortunately (in the bedroom, ok and out of it) my husband is nothing like Jack.  My husband is the epitome of a vanilla sprinkles, no twist...nothing.  PLAIN OL VANILLA.  Alas, I love the big ol jerk, so I make do...that's what Bethany James and her Watching series is for.
5 just as sexy as the rest of them stars!

Bethany James was born and raised in Florida, and currently resides in Tampa. When she isn’t writing you can most likely find her with her nose buried in a book.

“Warning, do not read this book if you are sitting in line of the carpool lane waiting for you kids to get out of school. You will be panting hard and parents will notice. True story!” ~ Watching (Watching Vol. 1) Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty 5 Star Review
“Sweet Jesus. I think that my lady bits are still on fire. Seriously. Please send Jack to my home immediately to dose the fire out with his tongue!!” ~ Watched (Watching Vol. 2) Maine Book Momma 5 Star Review


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