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Theresa Reviews LIKE ASHES WE SCATTER by Brandon Nave

Title: Like Ashes We Scatter
Author: Bradon Nave
Genre: NA Romance Standalone
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Bishop Holloway is woken by an unsettling telephone call. Minutes later, tragedy strikes.
​Across town, Alex Ayers is watching a loved one succumb to a horrible illness, helpless to stop it.
​But out of scattered ashes, hope can bloom, and sometimes tragedy can beget a miracle.
​Alex can't bear to tell Bishop about the fateful connection that binds them. She fears his love for her isn't strong enough to survive if he knew. But no secret stays hidden forever, and now Alex might lose the man she loves, and the family she's fought so hard to save.

23yo Alex and her dying 17yo brother, Tyson at the baseball field. 
There was no field, only a blanket of snow and a thousand memories dancing in her brother’s eyes. His smile—classically beautiful—was perfection. Absent their mother and sitting in the warmed car nestled to the chain-link fence, Alex and Tyson silently watched the numerous snowflakes falling fat from the sky to cover their world. There was no wind—no biting, bitter agony about the atmosphere. There was only a calming peace that nearly resembled acceptance.
Taking her brother’s hand, she squeezed it lightly. “Tyson Kade Ayers…you have no idea how proud I am to be your sister. You’re my everything.”
“You know…” His words all but trailed. “That statement might get us arrested. Incest…is…frowned upon.”
Chuckling, she kissed his cheek as his eyes remained fixed on the mound. “You were amazing out there, Ty.”
“Were? Let go of my hand, woman. I can go nine innings right now.” His sarcastic, raspy comments—soft and slow—had her teetering—her eyelids nearly spilling her emotions onto the somber scene. Completely aware that this very conversation would be ever etched on her memory all her days, she carefully contemplated her next words…before they left her mouth, a phone was vibrating.
Looking toward the gearshift, a 0000 flashed on the smartphone screen. “That’s my boss with my new schedule—”
“Alex…that’s my phone. That could be Dr. Jones.”
Reaching for the phone in frantic fashion, Alex pressed the green accept button. “Hello.”
“Dr. Jones?”
“Is Tyson with you?”
“Yes, we’re at the baseball—”
“You’re in town, correct?”
“I need you to come to the hospital, now…nine one, one. It’s happening.”
The female physician’s words seemed more a cruel joke than a potential pardon.
“You’re…you’re serious?”
“Alexandra! Tyson, to the hospital, now!” 
“Holy shit! We’re on our way!”
Hanging up the phone, she looked to her brother, his skin was a ghostly, pale white—illuminated by the blinding snow behind his beautiful face.
“Alex…” His lip quivered—a sliver of hope cracked through his eyes.
Grabbing either side of his face, she pressed her grinning lips to his forehead. “We’ve got to go now, Baby-Ty.”
“Is this really happening, Alex? Is this…oh my God. Is this really happening?”
His smile—the smile one gives upon learning returning a death sentence might be an option, was beautifully crafted on him. 
“Let’s go, Ty.” 
“Wait! Alex…just…just wait.”
“Ty, we can’t.”
“What if it doesn’t work? What if…what if I don’t wake up?”
The fear in his eyes was acute—something dreadful only now realized. 
“I’ve…I accepted it, Alex. I accepted I’m gonna die. But not today. I need my month…I need my weeks. They can’t…they can’t wave this in my face now…why now?”
“Tyson…I need you to look at me. I know you’re heart’s racing and you’ve got a million worries running through your beautiful head. This could be it, Baby-Ty. This could be your ticket to thirty. You’re talking about months and weeks when—”
“I don’t wanna die today, Alex.” His soft pitched proclamation coupled with the welling tears in his buzzing eyes sent Alex reaching for him. “I don’t wanna die…I don’t…I don’t wanna die.”
Hugging him, she eyed the oxygen tank in the floor board. She instantly replaced the idea of his wake with his return to the pitcher’s mound. “You have been so brave for so long…if you can just be brave today…and if you can’t it’s okay because I’m not going anywhere. No matter what happens I’m not going anywhere, Tyson.
“I’m so scared, Alex.” His fear shook through in their embrace—it seemed every ounce of her brother was saturated in an awful horror. “I can’t be brave, I can’t be strong anymore…” His words left him in a soft, nearly breathless cry.
“I can, Ty.” Pulling away slightly, she kissed his wet cheek. “We have to go.”
Alex and Bishop.
They now stood surrounded by grand, dark-wood shelving and books from the marble flooring to the ceiling. Bishop watched Alex trace the hardbacks with her fingers, reading some of the titles aloud.
“They’re not all medical…I’m impressed, Bishop.”
“My parents love fiction.”
“Who doesn’t?”
Bishop walked behind her, purposefully breathing hot breath on her neck. “I do.”
“What’s your favorite genre, Mr. Holloway?” She slowly turned to him.
“I’m not particularly picky as long as there’s a happy ending.”
“That sounds dirty, Bishop.”
“It can be…depending on the genre.” He moved closer, smiling.
“I’m scared Bishop.”
“Happily never after.”
“What are you talking about? We’re a match, Alex. I literally love every second I’m with you. It’s like fate.”
As he took her hand, her gaze shied from his.
“What if I rushed fate, Bishop? What if…what if everything was going to work out as it should have but I rushed it?”
“That doesn’t make sense to me, Alex.”
Softly, his thumb and index finger raised her chin so her eyes were level with his.
“Yeah…I know, Bishop.”
Sensing her despair, he pulled her to him, looking down into her eyes. “What do you feel like reading tonight?” His question was asked in a goofy whisper, but had her blushing just the same.
As she worked her hands into his front pockets she kissed his cheek. “Something hot.”
Like Ashes We Scatter by Brandon Nave is a story that tackles some serious issues that aren't always easy to discuss but are important just the same; suicide and organ donation.  This story while difficult to read at times due to the subject matter breaking my heart, was one that will stay with me for a long.  

Bishop faces the impossible, what most people wouldn't wish to have happen in their life.  His younger brother, his best friend, calls him on the phone to essentially say goodbye before he commits suicide.  Bishop does not understand how he missed the signs or how his brother who always seemed happy, was so sad that his only option was to end his life.  Bishop struggles with his grief through most of the story which breaks the readers heart.

Tyson and Alex are closer than any other brother/sister due to their childhood.  Tyson was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and he had finally come to terms with the end of his life.  Alex did everything in her power to make sure that Tyson was happy and not in pain.  When Tyson gets the call that was never expected, a match for his lungs, Alex couldn't be happier.

Following the transplant is where this story really begins, as Alex is curious about the donor while Tyson needs time before he requests to meet them.  Alex is worried about Bishop, the donors brother and she seeks him out to make sure he is okay, and ends up meeting him and they begin a relationship, a relationship built on lies.  

What follows for this unlikely group is something amazing and inspiring that will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face.

3.5 stars

Award winning author, Bradon Nave was born and raised in Oklahoma. He attended a small school during junior high and high school, and graduated with only three people in his class. After graduate school, he decided to devote his spare time to his passion of writing. Bradon currently lives in Piedmont, Oklahoma, with his wife and two young children. He loves running, being with friends, and writing.

Night Games by Alxis Anne with Theresa's Review

Baseball's biggest player is about to get played.
Night Games by Alexis Anne is AVAILABLE NOW!
I love women and women love me. It's not my fault I'm irresistible. Okay, I may be a little cocky too. All I have to do is post a picture of myself shirtless with my cat, Snickers, and the women flock to me. It probably helps that I'm good with my bat and balls. A selfie, a smile, and I have them in bed—but never in a relationship. Until Carrie entered the game. She may not know it, but she owns me. And I'm not letting her go.
I'm a professional. No, not THAT kind of professional. I'm an orthopedic physician for the St. Pete Mantas and my job is everything. I love the game and I love my players … but I never fall *in* love with any of them. Especially not players like Wes. Especially Wes. He thinks life is one big game. One sexy, romantic, and sometimes sweet, game that’s left me confused and little bit worried... *I may have actually fallen for the ultimate player.* I'll have to beat him at his own game if I have any shot at walking away with my heart intact. NIGHTGAMES_NOWLIVE
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Night Games is the 6th book in The Storm Inside Series by Alexis Anne but can definitely be read as a standalone.  I will be honest that I read this book for the mere fact that it was a sports romance, which I do have a small weakness for and boy am I glad that I did.

Wes is the catcher for a major league baseball team, he is gorgeous and has women falling all over him.  But he is so much more than a ball player.  He is smart and is building a brand that will last him long after his days on the field are over.  He has never been a one woman kind of guy...that is until he met Carrie.

Carrie is an orthopedic surgeon for the cross state team.  She meets Wes and they have a crazy night together, it is never supposed to be more than that because Carrie only depends on one person, herself.  She refuses to fall into the stereotype that her mother wants for her, to return to the farm, get marries and have babies.  She wants a career at being the best surgeon, and she strives for that everyday.

Once Carrie gets too close to Wes she tries to back off, but he refuses to let her go.  Because while Wes was a ladies man, he is only interested in one woman for the rest of his days and that is Carrie.  Convincing her that she should stay with him forever, that will be the ultimate game for him to win!

3.5 stars
About the Author:
Former archaeologist Alexis Anne (who also writes romantic suspense as Alexis Sykes) has worked as an oral historian, GIS specialist, field archaeologist, college professor, and small business owner, before deciding that working from home and writing books was a lot more satisfying. She writes steamy, sexy romance with one half of her brain and romantic suspense, action adventure, and children's books with the other half. Growing up she traipsed through the islands of the Gulf Coast, camped in the Everglades, dove the Keys, and generally felt more at home spending her days outdoors with a good book. She currently lives in a home filled with wild men (otherwise known as her extremely extroverted husband, The Sexy Editor, and their two kids), a husky, and a superhero guinea pig. Follow Alexis!

Billionaire's Amnesia by Claire Adams Release Blitz

Being rich opens up the pleasures of the world.
Women. Cars. Businesses. Money.
What more could you want? The world is your oyster and you can act like a jerk all you want. No one’s going to say a thing. Why would they? You’re in control. You’re the rising power.
Until you’re not.
When Elijah loses his memory from a motorcycle accident, he can't remember anything, including his childhood or anything from his past.
Apparently, he was a real pain in the ass before he had his accident.
His older brother and beautiful personal assistant step in to help him form a new life. A better life, but he has so many questions.
Why doesn't his mother speak with him at all anymore? Why is his brother so docile around him? Why are his employees timid and depressed when he walks in the room.
Was he really the monster they’re all making him out to be? And even more… will he wake up from his memory loss and become that guy again?
At the end of the day, what’s important when you've lost everything?
Nothing but the people who love you and support you. For Elijah… that’s no one.
But then he meets Kendall. Will she be able to love this man known for only caring for himself?
Billionaire Amnesia is a 90,000-word, FULL LENGTH, Standalone steamy bad boy alpha billionaire romance. No cliffhanger and has a HEA. Includes 4 free bonus full-length box sets and novels for a limited time.

Black by K.L Grayson Release Blitz with Theresa's Review

Title: BLACK (A Bloodlines Novel)
Author: K.L. Grayson
Release Date: June 29, 2017
TBR Link: Goodreads

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Everyone has one.
Some are close.
Some are dysfunctional.
Some are simply gone.

Nine-year-old Shae Black entered the Witness Protection Program after the murder of her father, mob boss Luca DiMarco. New name. New identity. And a ready-made family that had no idea who she really was. 

Fourteen years later, a letter from a ghost thrusts Shae back into the life she was forced to leave behind. As secrets unravel, revealing unexpected truths, Shae sees an opportunity to avenge her father’s death by destroying patriarch Sal Ambrosi, the man responsible for her father’s murder. Getting to the heart of the family will be difficult, but nothing and no one is going to stop her—not even the heirs to the Ambrosi family empire. 

She’s prepared for the two brothers, Dante and Rex, to put up a fight, but she isn’t at all prepared for the danger they will bring to her life and her heart. 

One will love her.
One will hate her.
One will vow to protect her.
One will vow to kill her.

All in the name of family.


“So, Shae, tell me a little about yourself.”

“Really? You want to talk?”

I chuckle. “You sound surprised.”

“Because I am.”

“What’s wrong with getting to know the woman I’m about to fuck?”

“Are there things about me you’re dying to know?”

You have no fucking idea. “As a matter of fact, there are.”

She studies me for a moment and tips her glass, finishing off what’s left of her wine. She sets it on the counter, strides across the kitchen, and opens the curtains, revealing a breathtaking view of the Chicago skyline.

With her back to me, she takes a deep breath and when she exhales she says, “Let’s have it.” 

In one gulp, I finish off my wine and set the glass next to hers. I slowly walk across the room, enjoying the view in front of me as I do. 

And I’m not talking about the skyline. The dips and valleys of Chicago’s cityscape may be impressive, but they have nothing on Shae’s soft curves. 

Her skirt is a little rumpled, her blouse untucked, and her long, dark hair falls in waves around her shoulders. Her body draws mine like a magnet, and when I step into her, pressing my chest against her back, she doesn’t move. There is no gasp of surprise, no stiffening spine, she’s just here in this moment with me. 

“Let’s start with your favorite color.”

“Purple.” Her voice is shaky, and when I run my finger down the back of her neck, she tilts her head, allowing room for my lips to graze the silky smooth skin. 

“Favorite food.”


“Great choice.” I kiss a path along her shoulder. A shiver runs through her, and I smile against her skin. “Favorite sport.”


“Mine too. Favorite team?”

“C-Cardinals.” I nip at her soft skin, and Shae sucks in a breath. “What was that for?”

“I’m a Cubs fan.”

“That’s okay; I forgive you.” 

I nip her again, run my tongue along the side of her neck, and blow lightly. Goosebumps race across the creamy skin.

“You’re so responsive, Shae. I can’t wait to see what else I can get your body to do.” 

She takes a shuddery breath, and I can tell by the flutter of her pulse against my lips that my words excite her. 

“What did Erin mean when she said you hadn’t been with a man in quite some time?” She doesn’t immediately respond, so I turn her in my arms. 

Her cheeks turn the prettiest shade of pink as she looks at the floor. “You caught that, huh?”

“It’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking about.”

She looks up. “Really? Why?”

Fuck if I know. Maybe because I like you and the thought of other men touching you makes me want to strangle someone. But telling her that now probably isn’t the smartest idea, so I just shrug. 

“Don’t know. Just curious is all.” Shae still doesn’t answer, and I can feel the air around us growing thick. “How many men have you been with?”

Her eyes grow as wide as saucers. “I don’t see how that’s any of your business.”

“It’s not. But I want it to be.” 

Glancing down, she fiddles with the hem of her blouse. “Not many.” 

“How many is not many?”

She tries to look away, but I don’t let her, so she opts to fold her arms over her chest. A universal defense mechanism. She thinks she’s shielding herself, but all she’s doing is fluffing her tits, putting all of that smooth, silky skin on full display. “I’m not a virgin, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“I never questioned whether you’re a virgin.” 

“Good, because I’m not,” she says firmly, and then her voice trails off. “I’m just not that experienced.” 

“How inexperienced?”

Finally frustrated, she throws her arms out to the side. “Why does it matter?”

Running my hand up the back of her head, I thread my fingers through the silky strands of her hair. Something I’ve wanted to do since the moment I laid eyes on her. Gripping it tight, I tug and her head dips back. She looks up at me, her eyes smoldering, and I wonder what else she’d let me do.

“Because I want to fuck you, and I’m not a gentle man, Shae.”

Sucking her bottom lip between her teeth, she bites gently as I wait for her to respond. Something…anything would be good. Then she looks at my mouth, and what happens next isn’t at all what I’m expecting. 

“We should probably kiss first.” She smiles coyly, and I do the only thing I can do.

I kiss her.

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K.L. Grayson has done it again!  I have been a huge fan of this author since her very first book was released and after reading Black, I remembered every reason why.  The way in which K.L. Grayson weaves a story, it pulls you in, pulls at your heartstrings, and has you on the edge of the seat wanting to know what is going to happen next.

Rex and Shae's story is one that has everything you could want in a book, a tragic past that the characters are trying to rise above, intrigue as to the secrets that they each hold, anticipation if they will make it as a couple and yearning for their story to never end.  This book was a 4 star read for me,  I could not put it down, needing to know what happened with these two.

Shae returns to Chicago after being gone for almost fourteen years.  After the death of her mother and the tragic death of her father, she was adopted by a family who wasn't as nurturing as she had hoped they would be.  But Shaw had family in the form of her friend JJ and Emily.  Moving in with her best friends while trying to get back on her feet, Shae yearns to remember what happened in her past, and she thinks being in Chicago will job her memory.  She isn't in the market for a relationship nor does she want one right now with all of the secrets she holds close but she is unable to resist Rex no matter how much she wants it to be a casual fling.

Rex and his brother Dante have tried to separate themselves from the life that their father wanted for them, despite his every attempt to lure them in.  When Rex meets Shae it is a breath of fresh air for him because it is the first time that a women doesn't know about his background and wants him for more then his money and connections.  He pursues Shae even though everything within him tells him to stay away for her own safety.  It is only when Rex discovers the secrets that Shae holds that the entire story flips to something you did not expect and has you turning each page needing to know what happens with these two, whose love for each other is apparent with each word.

This is a must read!
4 Stars

About the Author

K.L. Grayson resides in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO. She is entertained daily by her extraordinary husband, who will forever inspire every good quality she writes in a man. Her entire life rests in the palms of six dirty little hands, and when the day is over and those pint-sized cherubs have been washed and tucked into bed, you can find her typing away furiously on her computer. She has a love for alpha-males, brownies, reading, tattoos, sunglasses, and happy endings…and not particularly in that order.

Follow K.L. Grayson
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Mixed by Maya Hughes Release Blitz with Theresa's Review and Giveaway

Mixed (Breaking Free #2) by Maya Hughes
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Natasha Snow Designs
Release Day: June 29, 2016


Jen Taylor’s life was anything but simple, but at least she had a plan. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t leave a lot of room for her to follow her artistic passions, but that one art class a week was her escape from a whirlwind of legal proceedings, and take some time for herself. She wasn’t expecting that the nude model from her life drawing class would wind up being the owner of her new favorite bar…   You draw a guy nude—one time—and suddenly he thinks he knows what’s best for you… then again, what if he’s right?   Mark Jones has finally wrapped up the divorce from hell, or so he thinks. But his ex-wife isn’t finished with him yet. Thanks to her scheming, everything he holds dear could come crashing down around him, unless he can find a way to buy her out – and fast. To make matters worse, in a moment of desperation he agrees to be a nude model for some extra cash and that has come back to haunt him, in the guise of a crazy sexy blond artist that caught his eye and almost made him lose his cool.   When family secrets, betrayal and revenge threaten everything that keeps them together, will their new-found love be strong enough to survive?   Mixed is a standalone romance in the Breaking Free series with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA.



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A Kate Spade Handbag, One of Two $10 Amazon Gift Cards, or One of Five ebooks of Mixed by Maya Hughes

Mixed by Maya Hughes is the second book in the Breaking Free Series but can absolutely be read as a standalone.  

Jen has always lived her life for others, helping, doing what is expected of her, especially when it comes to  her career.  Her passion is art but it is something she has resigned to be a hobby while she climbs the partnership track at her law firm.  When she meets Mark, she lets her inhibitions down for a night and while glad she did, she goes back to life as normal.  But Mark keeps creeping into her everyday life with a push and pull relationship that she doesn't like very much.  Either Mark needs to commit or walk away for good.

Mark is glad to be rid of his ex-wife, who cheated on him in their own home, but he is beside himself i trying to find out how to keep his family bar that Cheryl is trying to get half of.  He is in no position to get involved with anyone, especially someone like Jen who he could totally fall head over heels for.

The relationship that develops between Jen and Mark is intriguing and at times you find yourself wanting them to make and other times wanting them to throw in the towel before its beyond repair.  I love the banter between these two and how their friendships with others develops, truly showing the reader that family is what you make it and often has nothing to do with blood.

I am intrigued by Rox and I cannot wait to read her story, because I have a feeling that it will be a fantastic tear jerker!

3.5 stars

Also Available

Blinded (Breaking Free #1) by Maya Hughes
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance

About the Author

Maya Hughes is an author of hot romance novels with humor and heart. Her debut novel Passion on the Pitch is about an American girl finding love with an Irish footballer (soccer player).   Maya is a longtime fan of romance novels, sci-fi books and films, and burning up massive amounts of time procrastinating on the internet.   When she's not writing, reading or procrastinating, Maya loves to spend time with her awesome kids and amazing husband, who has supported her every step of the way.  

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