Cover Reveal Special Edition Vaalbara Series by Michelle Horst


The Vaalbara Series Special Edition Cover Reveal

Genre: Fantasy
Book 1: Visions & Shadows
Book 1.5: Raighne (Visions & Shadows in Raighne's Point of view)
Book 2: The Land of Shadows
Book 3: A Light in the Shadows

❥Raighne - Vaalbara Visions & Shadows❥

Release Date: February 12th, 2016
She is my Charge. I will do anything for her. It is in engrained into my very essence to protect her. I will die for her and I will kill for her. She is all that matters to me. I am her Guardian and Awo help you if you threaten her. Alchera is the heartbeat of my soul.
Visions & Shadows told from Raighne's POV


❥Vaalbara Visions & Shadows❥

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How do you sleep while your planet is dying? Where would you turn to when your world turns on you? Have you lived a life worthy of being selected as a chosen one? Or… were you one of those who treated me like a freak? Where you one of those who lived a selfish life? I can only take ten from this dying world.
My name is Alchera and I have to save ten chosen humans, while fighting the shadows growing in my mind. ‘Hope is the heartbeat of the soul’ WARNING: This book is recommended for 18+ It contains scenes with violence.


❥Vaalbara The Land of Shadows❥

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It’s been years and Alchera can’t get rid of the Shadows, or the dreams haunting her every night. Luna knows Void is behind it and won’t just stand by while Alchera is in danger. Luna takes matters into her own hands, but soon she finds her own life in danger.
Then there is also the bond Luna shares with Storm, her trainer and friend she turned her back on not so long ago. So many secrets have to be kept while Void, with his darkness, can strike at any time. Will he bring their worst dreams and fears to life? WARNING: This book is book 2 of the VAALBARA Trilogy. It does not have a HEA and ends on a CLIFFHANGER. Book 3, Vaalbara A Light in the Shadows will be released April 12th, 2015.


❥Vaalbara A Light in the Shadows❥

Release Date : March 9th, 2016
Carter gave his heart to Alchera, but all he has is a broken soul to show for all the times he has tried and failed to be a good man. The last person he expects or wants any pity from is Elora, the child he once saved. But she isn’t a child anymore. All grown up Elora might just be able to save Carter right back.
It's either that or Luna is going to destroy the whole of Vaalbara. Elora needs Carter on her side if she's going to go up against Luna. As the Vaalbara series comes to an end, Elora teams up with Carter, Raighne, Alchera and Storm, with the hope of saving Luna from herself.


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