Promo Tour: I Miss Me by Shweta Choudhary

Title: I Miss... Me 
Author: Shweta Choudhary 

This is a non fiction book based on abuse and bullying. Few of them are from my life. 

This is not a sappy, happy tale. This is a story, a very sad one, about pain and heartache. This is a story about someone who lost herself and doesn’t know how to stand back up and piece back together the wrecked heart that gets hurt at every turn.

The heart is a stupid bitch. The brain knows it is damaged beyond repair, but it still holds onto hope that everything will be all right. This is not a story of inspiration where one learns how to overcome obstacles. It’s a story about the tattered soul of a very broken girl

Shweta is a law student from India living with her parents and has been reading since she was eleven years old . She has always wanted to write but didn't know how to start or if she could actually write so many chapters but finally she jumped and here she is.
She is currently writing her next book Destroyed by Love which will release in January,2016.she is also a blogger at Fallen for books.
She loves lip gloss, nail colors, books (Addicted)!

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