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Title: Wilde Omens
Author: Bree Lawrence
Release Date: Nov 16, 2016
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Everything was fine until Sherlock showed up for tea.
Penelope Wilde has worked hard to be normal. With an IQ off the charts, her mother forces her to dampen her genius throughout school to avoid unwanted scrutiny. In time it becomes a normal way of life until a man shows up in her living room proclaiming himself to not only be her father, but also the fictional, ingenious character of Sherlock Holmes. Oh and one more thing, he claims to be a time traveler.
Someone has some explaining to do.
Soon Penelope is plunged into her father’s bizarre yet brilliant world where she’s forced to give up her way of life and embrace the danger and intrigue that are her birthright in order to claim her father’s empire as her own. However, you can’t just thrust a girl into high stakes time travel. First, she has to be trained. With the enigmatic John Watson in the picture, Penelope is confused, bruised, enlightened, and pushed to her limit as she tries to rectify the world she once knew with the one she now belongs to.
But Daddy Dearest has another bomb to drop. Due to an error of epic magnitude with an experimental serum, Watson, and everyone in her genetic line is cursed with immortality. And someone wants that serum. Bad.
Penelope has her hands full and, even with immortality on her side, time is running out.
I couldn’t think of an appropriate snarky remark. My head hurt. My body hurt, and I’d just allowed myself to get kidnapped by COTO and the psychopathic Lila. It was shaping up to be a super day. I moved my arm to brush away a long strand of hair itching my nose and was met with leather resistance of the bondage kind.
“Really, Lila?” I croaked. “If you were into that stuff, all you had to do was ask. All these theatrics were entirely unnecessary.” I tried to move my other arm and was met with the same resistance.
If I had to guess, I’d say I was in the infirmary. My arms were restrained against my sides with leather straps. There were additional straps over my waist and legs. The only thing I could move was my head.
Lila leaned closer. “That smart mouth won’t be so smart once I’m finished.”
I rolled my eyes. “I bet you say that to all the girls.”
Lila stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me cold and alone. I lifted my head a few inches and studied the room. Definitely an infirmary, but there was some equipment I hadn’t seen before. There were no windows and only one way out.

Bree Lawrence is a pseudonym for an award-winning, multi-published author. She loves good food and hates artificial banana flavoring. She makes her home with a guy she likes, three kids she doesn't always understand and a dachshund who likes belly rubs.

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