Release Blitz: Rennillia 2 by M Sembera

The truth is simple.
It's what comes after that makes things complicated.
Rennillia 2 (Rennillia Series #2)
New Adult
M. Sembera
Jan. 28, 2016
Four friends test the bonds of love, loyalty, and friendship in the second installment of this suspenseful new-adult saga.
Hert smiled slightly, running his fingers down my arm. As I smiled back, I stopped his hand holding it tight.
 Appearing as though he couldn’t stop himself, Hert leaned over and kissed me before saying, “I want you. Why do you need to know anything else? That should be enough.”
 Staring directly at him, I assured, “It would be if it was just you and me.”
Closing his eyes, Hert leaned his forehead to mine. I closed mine too, placing my hands on the sides of his face. The moment intensified with every breath I took. Knowing whatever he was dwelling on would hurt in the long run, I stayed silent. For a few moments, we were simply ourselves, until Hert pulled away.
 “I’m not in a position where I can question what I’m doing. If it helps, I can try to make it as easy on you as possible,” he stated.
 Narrowing my eyes at him, I asked, “You really think I feel this way because it’s hard?” as he shrugged I imparted, “I’m not going to say I don’t wish things were easy, it would be a nice change but I never really know what the truth is. It shouldn’t be that complicated to just tell me the truth.”
 Taking a deep breath, Hert replied, “The truth is simple, it’s what happens after, that makes things complicated.”
At that point I knew he was never going to be the one to tell me what I wanted to know. I was going to have to figure it out all on my own.

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