Blog Tour, Rachel's Review: Southern Sweets by Cori Williams

TITLE: Southern Sweets: A Midnight Novel
AUTHOR: Cori Williams
PUBLISHER: Booktrope Publishing

Sugar and spice don’t always play nice—Amelia Emerson learned that the hard way after her heart was snatched straight from her chest. What was done could not be forgotten.
Tanner made his choice, and there was no turning back from the hurt he caused. Amelia is left dealing with the aftermath and trying to juggle the new life she has been handed.
Worn down, she struggles to gain back the confidence she once possessed, and prove to everyone she is able to do things on her own—But when life takes another sharp turn in an unexpected direction, will she be able to let go and start fresh? Or is the pain too unbearable to forget?

Rachel says...
Well, I'd never read a book by Cori Williams yet, so Tanner and Amelia were new to me characters.  I thought they were well developed and I loved the angsty, emotional drama that ran through story.  The reason I picked it up??? Keep in mind, very rarely do I read a blurb or synopsis...nor do I read others reviews..since how I connect with a story is based solely on the story, the authors writing, the characters, and yeah..unfortunately my mood.  So..Southern Sweets..sounds kinda like a rom com revolving around a bakery or at least baking up the goodies, right?  That's what I as I started reading and Tanner, who'd professed to never hurt Amelia, turns around and does the one thing that destroys her..uh yeah..not a comedy.  But that's ok, because I am an emotional reader, and I love a good angsty, emotional novel.  
The beginning, while revealing, was kind of on the slower side, and I had a hard time "dying" to read it...but I never give up... Why?  cuz you never know what you might miss!  Besides, it was just a little on the slow side...but really well written, so as I'm reading...and things pick up, I'm reading faster, and I'm skipping my afternoon snack, and I'm really getting into it..and Oh the ending...and the epilogue...I never give things away in a review.. I prefer to be on the vague side..or just tell you how it made ME feel, what I liked or didn't like about it..I do NOT synopsize the book for you. You're supposed to read it, silly!
Amelia has so much to go through because of Tanner,  but we all know..when you really LOVE someone, you just let the small stuff slide...or try to at least..and begin again..or try to at least..and you forgive a lot...maybe more than you should... But things usually have a way of working out..wether it's the way you WANTED it or not!
4 Sugar Sweet Stars

Cori Williams is a contemporary romance writer who recently relocated from Michigan to southern living in the mountains of North Carolina. When she's not busy taking care of her three young children and sometimes fourth, aka as her husband, you'll find her tapping away at the keyboard with music blaring and endless amounts of candy fuel at hand. Her love of reading from a very young age transferred over to a love of writing and now the stories are never ending as she creates the happily ever afters for her characters with sometimes bumpy journeys along the way. "Forever isn't always easy."

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